2021 catering trends to watch

June 5, 2021Lauren Windle

Catering trends have adjusted, reflected and changed as a result to last year’s pandemic challenges.

Certainly, buffets have been popular and efficient, but health considerations have forced us to view food safety as paramount over efficiency. In response, Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering has stepped up to the plate (so to speak), finding new and safer ways to serve delicious (and gorgeous) food:

  • Single-serve items are very much in demand – and make for a quicker trip through the food service line.
  • We make single serve stations more attractive by displaying foods on buffet stations, using wooden boards, cut glass serving pieces, glass boxes, antique ware, and other artful displays so the single servings have an upscale feel.
  • We have servers tend to the buffet to put guests at ease, as often as we can. Post pandemic, the perception of safety is just as important as the actual act of precaution.
  • But perhaps most importantly when it comes to serving food, Jacquie’s Gourmet is elevating the setup wherever possible. We place items on artful serving trays and often include handwritten name tags for each item.

Charcuterie boards are big

Charcuterie board creations on everywhere on Instagram! They are definitely photogenic—and on trend.

Jacquie uses charcuterie board spreads for the unexpected, such as late-morning brunches with s pancakes, bacon, eggs, toast, fruit, yogurt parfait, donuts, as well as the more tried and true cheese and meat board.

One recent charcuterie board was built around waffles -- with all the delicious toppings for building a tasty stack of waffles – from multiple syrups and berries to stacks of whole wheat, vegan, and gluten-free waffles. A great way to make brunch fun, colorful and Instagram-friendly.

Comfort food is popular

Mac and cheese (single size) bites are very popular, as comfort food staples such as chicken and waffles, mini sliders, potato skins, and mozzarella sticks. Virtually anything can be created into a unique presentation – or individually served -- with the right mindset!

Get on board the Dessert board

Small desserts are huge this year. Jacquie’s has been serving up s’mores for guests to assemble as they please with roast marshmallows, graham crackers or specialty cookies, chocolate slices, along with some extras like peanut butter cups or Oreos for a fun dessert.

More simple dessert boards could include a variety of chocolates, super-sized butter-rich cookies, candies, chocolate pretzels, and berries. Variety is the key!

Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering keep safety top of mind – providing single serving options when possible – to keep guests feeling good about everything served.

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