Hard to imagine being outside sleeveless, and in sandals – but those gorgeous warm days are just ahead.

It also means right now is the ideal time to book an outside event, especially if you want a weekend date May through September.

Why we love outdoor events:

  1. More bang for your buck! Outdoor wedding festivities are less pricey than indoor spaces.
  2. The great outdoors is less stuffy and more… well, open! Go big without folks feeling crowded.
  3. Having a ceremony outdoors (think flower-covered gazebo) is oh-so-romantic!
  4. Let the sunlight be your lighting – and nature as your backdrop. Great photographs!
  5. Choose a venue with a barn (or set up a tent) just in case the weather gets iffy.
  6. If your event is in the evening, there’s nothing more romantic than getting married as the sun slowly sinks beneath the horizon.
  7. Hello to a big evening bonfire for more outdoor fun.
  8. Some outdoor venues are dog-friendly. (Just sayin’!)

We know all about the best places! That means we can steer you towards event spaces that meet your needs well-ahead of time. No surprises.

Give us your requirements, including your must-haves and we’ll work with you to make sure your day is picture-perfect and seriously delicious!

Bartenders are in the right place to see what people are ordering, enjoying, and coming back for more of. Not only do they do the mixing and pouring, but they also do plenty of listening. ‘Cuz people standing at the bar love to chat about just about everything – but especially “that great new cocktail they just had in Chicago,” and why they loved it.

Because it’s important for Jacquie's Catering team to stay abreast of trends on the plate as well as in the tumblers, we asked our barkeeps what trends they are watching closely.

Here’s what they said: 

Off the beaten path seems to be the trend in 2024 with plenty of interesting options including infusions to standard cocktails and unexpected pairings of zesty, natural ingredients. So, cozy up to the bar and prepare to impress your tastebuds with your bartender’s creativity!




These days, just about every event you attend includes social media photos. So – what can you do to look really good in those pics – instead of cringe-worthy?

 Here’s what the experts say to do before the event:  

Ready, set, strike that pose!

·      Try posing with your hand on your hip to create space between arms and body.

·      Angle your shoulders toward the camera. Then take a deep breath, relax and roll your shoulders back. You’ll look relaxed and confident.

Best way to look like you are relaxed and enjoying an event? Let us do all the work – from set up to tear down – and all that fantastic food and drink in the middle. Let’s talk about that next event you have coming up!

Westfield’s West Fork Event Center is one of Indy’s newest and hippest centers to book a party – and we’re pleased to be one of the approved vendors.

The fresh new event center is part of the Indianapolis-based West Fork Whiskey Co., home to several distillery-themed restaurants and centers.

Often referred to as “West Fork Whiskey,” the event enter is a part of a 30,000-square-foot facility includes expanded distillery operations, as well as a restaurant, cocktail lounge, event center and retail space – located across the street from Westfield’s Grand Park Sports Campus at 10 E. 191st Street.

Upstairs in the attached Mezzanine, located above the working distillery and overlooking the The MASH House restaurant, parties up to 90 guests can be accommodated.

For larger groups of up to 300, the West Fork Event Center itself is austere, open and starkly designed for maximum impact. It is an ideal place for a holiday or corporate party -- or any type of large gathering. Great vibe and fantastic contemporary space -- not to mention a cozy dressing room for getting ready for your event.

We are having a great time celebrating at this new place, and would love to see you there – so book early to get the date you want. Bottoms up!

What if I told you that you could host the perfect party (corporate event or private) without blowing your budget? Well, you can, and no one has to know how little you spent.

How? By serving up lots of appetizers, hot and cold, set out in various stations around your venue. Because Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering team is so good at both preparing and pairing appetizers, your guests will love the variety of options.

Another great thing about having appetizers-only at your gathering? You can please just about any appetite, from those looking for a full meal to those with smaller appetites. By offering both hot and cold appetizers, seafood and/or beef and chicken, plus inviting veggie options, you’ve got everybody covered!

Here’s a sampling of trendy appetizers we served just last week:

At another recent gathering, guests loved:

You can also easily add a few small salads:

Want to add an assortment of mini desserts?

Appetizers from Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering make everybody happy, as guests can choose what they want and how much. We’ve got lots of ideas on how and what to serve – plus – we can help you gauge how much to order.



Once you’ve decided on a time, date and place for your wedding reception (or really, any special event), the next big decision is what to serve. And that, for many clients, can a decidedly complicated decision.

Here’s what to consider, from the experienced event planners at Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering:

Once you have taken all of the above into consideration, we can help you come up with a palate-pleasing menu that meets your requirements.

A good place to start is by heading to our website and looking at our 5 top menus https://www.jacquies.net/wedding-menus/. Our event planners can sit down with you and add and subtract menu items, or come up with something unique to suit your needs. That includes planning a bar menu as well.

Got a question about food pairings? An idea about something you’d like to serve? We can help you with answers and all kinds of helpful ideas.

Next comes the fun part. We can schedule a time for a taste-testing, so you can actually sample what you wish to serve. It’s a great way to feel comfortable about your upcoming event.

Let’s get started on making your event memorable and delicious!

“Growing consciousness for health and wellness among American customers has been driving rapid changes in the food industry,” according to a recent L.E.K. Consulating food and beverage survey. 93% of consumers say they want to eat healthy foods, with 65% looking for fresh, natural, additive-free, and sustainably produced food for as many meals as possible.

“Particularly for Millenials and Gen Z, eating sustainably grown foods is not just a lifestyle choice, but an expression of their individual identity.

At Jacquie’s Gourmet Foods, our customers’ preference for healthy foods is of utmost importance to us, and has been since chef Jacquie Bols established her catering service almost 20 years ago. What for some caterers is a “trend toward healthy,” for us, it’s a founding principle and our passion.

We make sure what we serve is as healthy and organic as possible. That includes sustainably raised and humanely produced meat as well as organic produce from local farmers, who don’t use pesticides. Our breads, pastries and desserts have been prepared by local bakeries using non-GMO wheat – if we don’t cook or bake it our own kitchens.

These days, our search for the healthiest foods also includes our bar menu. We stock healthy wine (sulfide-free and organic upon request) and beer choices from the fantastic vineyards and beer breweries across Indiana. Our selection also includes premium brands if you prefer, as well as delicious non-alcoholic choices.

Healthy nutritious and delicious foods, safely and organically produced – and artfully presented. That’s the foundation of Jacquie's Gourmet Catering now, and always has been.


What’s better than a relaxed outside event with great catered food paired with highly sip-able wine? (Uhh… nothing we can think of!) We think that combination is pretty tough to beat, which is why Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering team enjoys recommending Mallow Run Winery for summer and fall outdoor parties.

Mallow Run Winery, 20 minutes south of downtown Indy (located on West Whiteland Road in Bargersville, Indiana), is a great place to taste award-winning wines or see a summer concert – but it’s also a fantastic venue in which to host your next event. We know this well, having been one of Mallow Run’s preferred caterers since it opened.

The Sycamore event barn is just west of the winery. There are three event spaces inside, each one rustic, romantic, and airy, with room for well over 200 – including plenty of space for parking. The barn includes a catering kitchen, bridal suite, outdoor deck, and of course, access to the historic Mallow Run tasting room. Mallow Run also functions well for holiday parties, corporate events and fundraisers. Jacquie’s Catering team finds the Sycamore kitchens top notch – and is happy to serve your event inside or out – or both.

Of course, it adds to any party to incorporate the fabulous wines available at Mallow Run into your event! Jacquie’s team happily pours Mallow Run wines from zesty Zinfandels to red blends, estate rose’ and blush, heck, even rhubard wine – a popular summer favorite. Mallow Run Winery is also known for its sparkling wines, classic whites, and hard ciders.

Warm weather is ideal for hosting a party at Mallow Run. For more details, find The Sycamore at Mallow Run on our Event page, visit to https://mallowrun.com, or call (317) 422-1556.





June used to be the month for weddings, but these days, spring is getting some stiff competition from fall.

Fall is gaining lots of traction as the most popular season to get married – and we can most certainly see why! The weather is cooler and more predictable. Plus nature provides a breathtaking palette of color – a fantastic backdrop for wedding and reception photos – as well as inspiration for your wedding party theme.

If you’re considering getting married this fall, here are Jacquie Bols’ awesome fall tips for planning your reception.

Plan your day to reflect the season. It’s easy to incorporate the rich colors of the season in your florals and overall decor. We love deep jewel tones and shades of red, purple, green, and gold – especially for linens and bridesmaid dresses.

The changing colors of the season aren’t the only glorious colors of fall. The sunset provides an abundance of rich color as well. Make sure your photographer uses the sunset as a backdrop for wedding party photos as well as stunning photos of the bride and groom. Plan out your first looks, post-ceremony portraits and group photos around when the sun is setting.

Fall flowers are completely different than spring and summer, so why not choose in-season blooms (including dried flowers, leaves and stems) and save money in the process? Some of the most popular fall flowers are sunflowers, chrysanthemums, dried grasses and wheat, dahlias, amaranth and Drum stick flowers (craspedia) for bouquets and floral centerpieces.

Know your local weather changes. Depending on where your wedding is located, fall temperature fluctuations can be gradual or not. It’s not uncommon for days to be hot and humid and evenings to get chilly.

If you are planning an outside celebration, make sure you have a tent (with side walls) for your guests, and patio heaters on hold in case it gets cold.

As cooler temps ease in, fall meals get more flavorful and more intense. We see more emphasis on meats, cheeses and breads, and food options with gravy and sauces.

Beverages get colorful and flavorful, too. We serve more red wines and fewer whites. More bourbons and less vodka and gin, as well. You might even consider offering warm after-dinner drink. They are popular!

Jacquie’s team enjoys working with your ideas and offering some of our own recommendations as well – if you wish. We thoroughly enjoy fall weddings and receptions, whether they are held inside or out. (P.S. We have ideas on venues, too! Just ask us.)






What’s the purpose of this “party before the party?” Who should you invite? And who should pay?

Traditionally, the rehearsal dinner is the first event of your wedding and has three primary purposes:

In short, having a rehearsal dinner helps everyone get to know each other better and establish new ties ahead of the wedding.

So, who pays?

Let’s get this tricky question addressed right off the bat. Traditionally, one family pays for the wedding and the other family (generally the groom’s) hosts/pays for the rehearsal dinner. However, couples are more independent these days (and a little older) and as a result, are opting to foot the bill themselves -- or pool money from both sets of parents. It really is up to you, depending on your circumstance and preference. (Quick aside: Whomever pays gets the final say on who is invited and host of the evening so be sure to factor that in!)

What’s expected?

Traditions are not “must-do’s” anymore. So do what you want. That said, here are some activities we’ve noticed are often included:

You can ask others to come up and do a toast (prepared or off the cuff). Often best friends of the bride and groom each give one. You can also do an “open mic” of sorts.

It’s a good idea to have bottles of champagne or sparkling wine available for toasting. (We can help you figure out how many to have based on how many people you invite.)

Some couples incorporate some sort of slide show to highlight their travel, how they met, became engaged, or their different childhoods.

Sample timeline

We’ve seen rehearsal dinners that dragged on, and those that were perfectly paced. Here’s what Jacquie Bols have noticed works best:

We love to cater rehearsal dinners because they can be so much fun!

How can we help you plan? If you have questions, we have answers!

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