Bartenders are in the right place to see what people are ordering, enjoying, and coming back for more of. Not only do they do the mixing and pouring, but they also do plenty of listening. ‘Cuz people standing at the bar love to chat about just about everything – but especially “that great new cocktail they just had in Chicago,” and why they loved it.

Because it’s important for Jacquie's Catering team to stay abreast of trends on the plate as well as in the tumblers, we asked our barkeeps what trends they are watching closely.

Here’s what they said: 

Off the beaten path seems to be the trend in 2024 with plenty of interesting options including infusions to standard cocktails and unexpected pairings of zesty, natural ingredients. So, cozy up to the bar and prepare to impress your tastebuds with your bartender’s creativity!




It feels so good to celebrate your company’s accomplishments and honor those who have helped your team succeed. People like to know their worth and feel appreciated. Plus – we’ve yet to meet the person who doesn’t enjoy great food (that someone else prepares for them!)

Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering understands both the desire to thank and be thanked, especially when it’s done in good taste. And of course, good taste is what we’re all about.

To make pulling together a corporate breakfast, brunch or lunch, Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering team has done a lot of the prep for you.

“What should we serve that everyone will like?” We’ve already assembled a terrific line up of popular menu choices ( to make choosing items and ordering hassle-free. With 20+ guests at your corporate event, we can provide Farmhouse Breakfasts, Breakfast Burritos, Croissants, Coffee cake and fruit, or Individual Yogurt Parfaits with berries and honey or Hot Oatmeal with dried fruit. All served with orange juice, organic coffee and decaf. There are also Biscuits and Gravy, Lemon Ricotta Pancakes, Leige Belgium Waffles, and Sour Cream Coffee cake.

Lots of choices for lots of appetites. Choose from our Menu 1, 2, 3 or 4… or put together a special menu of your choice.

Rather offer lunch? Not surprisingly, we have you covered there, too. Choose among Jacquie’s Signature Chicken Salad, Caprese Salad, Smoked Turkey with Brie and Apple, Grilled Corned Beef and/or Roasted Vegetable Wraps.

With a minimum order of 10 and a minimum of 5 per sandwich selection, you can choose from hand cut artisan soft white, wheat bread, rye, focaccia, or tomato wrap, and Gluten Free. Our famous sides are included – soups, too -- even Brownies, Lemon bars, or Carmel Sea Salt cookies.

Leaning more toward Deli or Charcuterie assortments? We have pulled together several boards overflowing with high quality Smoking Goose meats and gourmet cheeses, plus salads, fresh fruits and slaws to accompany them.

Buffet-style lunches? Yes. Vegetarian and Gluten-free options? Absolutely. Beverages? Lots of them, served hot and/or cold, just as they should be.

We’ve done a lot of the work ahead of time – so you can swoop in and say ‘yes’ to guaranteed-to-please choices for your team. And – feel great knowing Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering will deliver delicious meals plus hassle-free delivery.

Tell us what you want. Name the time and place. We’ll take care of the rest!



The Conservatory at Evergreen is the newest event space for which Jacquie’s Gourmet team provides catering. Located at 8140 W. 34th St Indianapolis, IN 46214, The Conservatory is set on a lush 23-acre space adjacent to Eagle Creek Reservoir. Privately owned for 92 years, the new owners took care to maintain the integrity, history, and serenity of the surrounding land when they crafted the beautiful glass-walled event building.

The scenery -- visible from all sides -- even the glass roof! -- is nothing short of spectacular, offering panoramic views of a peaceful, pristine lake surrounded by sprawling hills, evergreens, and woods. It’s a beautiful place to begin your event with a wow! – and create a lasting memory.

Conservatory amenities:

Entertain up to 250 guests as you tie the knot or tie one on for a special day that you and your guests will always remember. Here’s what The Conservatory at Evergreen provides:

If you have a special date in your future, holding it at The Conservatory at Evergreen guarantees a "statement event" and a beautiful memory. As always, Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering team has lots of catering and party planning ideas for you and your guests. Let’s start the conversation.





Vegetarian, pescatarian, cage-free, vegan, gluten-free, organic, dairy-free, kosher, hormone-free, cage-free, locally grown… As awareness grows about the impact of our dietary choices, there has been a surge in interest in the way we perceive and enjoy food -- especially when we're celebrating!

At Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering, we are more than happy to step up to the plate (so to speak!), to meet those needs ethically, resourcefully and creatively. There are all kinds of ways we are asked to prepare meals for our guests – sometimes several different types of food for an individual event.

Here are some of the tasty, customer-requested foods we’ve recently served:

Plant-based proteins

Protein-rich foods such as lentils, beans, and seitan are being used more in meals and as appetizers. They can be a tasty vegan fuel source.

Dairy-free cheeses

Nut-based cheeses, such as almond, cashew, and macadamia, are gaining in popularity. Great creamy texture and wonderful taste.

Grain-free and gluten-free

The Health-conscious and those with allergies are looking for tortillas, breads, rolls and pastries made without wheat or corn.

Fermented food

Fermented foods we have served recently include tempeh, kimchi, and sauerkraut. There’s a renewed interest in these for their health benefits as well as delightful flavors.

Vegan desserts

We’ve served gorgeous vegan pastries, cakes, ice creams, and even chocolates!

Says owner Jacquie Bols, “Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering took an early interest in sustainability and offering a variety of healthy food options, expertly prepared. It just makes sense to us, our customers, and environmental health.”



What if I told you that you could host the perfect party (corporate event or private) without blowing your budget? Well, you can, and no one has to know how little you spent.

How? By serving up lots of appetizers, hot and cold, set out in various stations around your venue. Because Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering team is so good at both preparing and pairing appetizers, your guests will love the variety of options.

Another great thing about having appetizers-only at your gathering? You can please just about any appetite, from those looking for a full meal to those with smaller appetites. By offering both hot and cold appetizers, seafood and/or beef and chicken, plus inviting veggie options, you’ve got everybody covered!

Here’s a sampling of trendy appetizers we served just last week:

At another recent gathering, guests loved:

You can also easily add a few small salads:

Want to add an assortment of mini desserts?

Appetizers from Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering make everybody happy, as guests can choose what they want and how much. We’ve got lots of ideas on how and what to serve – plus – we can help you gauge how much to order.



“Growing consciousness for health and wellness among American customers has been driving rapid changes in the food industry,” according to a recent L.E.K. Consulating food and beverage survey. 93% of consumers say they want to eat healthy foods, with 65% looking for fresh, natural, additive-free, and sustainably produced food for as many meals as possible.

“Particularly for Millenials and Gen Z, eating sustainably grown foods is not just a lifestyle choice, but an expression of their individual identity.

At Jacquie’s Gourmet Foods, our customers’ preference for healthy foods is of utmost importance to us, and has been since chef Jacquie Bols established her catering service almost 20 years ago. What for some caterers is a “trend toward healthy,” for us, it’s a founding principle and our passion.

We make sure what we serve is as healthy and organic as possible. That includes sustainably raised and humanely produced meat as well as organic produce from local farmers, who don’t use pesticides. Our breads, pastries and desserts have been prepared by local bakeries using non-GMO wheat – if we don’t cook or bake it our own kitchens.

These days, our search for the healthiest foods also includes our bar menu. We stock healthy wine (sulfide-free and organic upon request) and beer choices from the fantastic vineyards and beer breweries across Indiana. Our selection also includes premium brands if you prefer, as well as delicious non-alcoholic choices.

Healthy nutritious and delicious foods, safely and organically produced – and artfully presented. That’s the foundation of Jacquie's Gourmet Catering now, and always has been.


INDUSTRY has been called one of Indianapolis’ most versatile event venues, and we tend to agree. And apparently, INDUSTRY holds Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering in equal esteem, as they selected us to be a partner vendor for 2023, saying we “set the bar for the level of service you should expect to receive to make your event smooth-sailing!”

Located at 545 Kentucky Avenue in downtown’s funky cool Industrial district, INDUSTRY is a stunningly cool place to hold an event – especially since it rubs elbows with art displays, the Cultural Trail, sports, Indy festivals, and lots of nearby shops and exhibits at Indy’s museums and parks.

INDUSTRY has most definitely got an industrial vibe going on with its edgy angles, large windows and exposed architectural elements. We give it ‘two beams up’ as a great place to hold a wedding, or any type of corporate event, with space for up to 300 and plenty of special accommodations.

Interested in holding an upcoming special event at INDUSTRY? We can promise that your attendees will love the vibe.

We’re all in! Ask Jacquie’s event planners for details.


Event planners are trained and experienced professionals who manage every detail of an event from the first planning stages through the end of the event.

According to Jacquie Bols, owner/operator of Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering, a qualified, experienced event planner can “make just about any special event run more smoothly and efficiently – with fewer hiccups.”

When you think about it, that makes sense. Most people might plan a couple of larger events in their lifetimes, but an experienced event planner has planned hundreds. They will know what is needed, what should be ordered, from whom and when, as well as what to avoid and why.

Planners are experts at choosing the right location for the right event. They come up with appropriate themes, negotiate contracts, make sure appropriate licenses are in place, hire and supervise vendors, figure out workable event flow patterns, determine parking, rent equipment, manage budgets, decorate, and handle clean up.

How are they paid? Event planners can structure their fees in several different ways. Some charge a flat rate, while others set up an hourly rate based on what specific services you need. For large or commercial events, some planners get paid based on a percentage of what you spend. (You might even find that you can save money by having an event planner work directly with vendors to stay within your budget.)

Let’s face it, planning an event takes real work. , outlining what they will and will not do before signing a contract. You’ll also want to figure out how and when they get paid – and what to do in case of cancellation.

Once you hire an event planner, you can relax and turn the details over to the expert. (If you need a referral, just ask Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering staff. We will be happy to help you.)

It kind of depends on your reference point. A gourmet can be a connoisseur of good food; a person with a discerning palate, according to Oxford Dictionary.

Wikipedia classifies gourmet food as any food of high quality and/or rarity, crafted to deliver exquisite taste and presented in a pleasing fashion. At Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering, we like that definition and feel it suits what we bring to every catered event we host.

That doesn’t mean that we only serve fancy upscale events or plated dinners. Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering does simple meals to stately events, low-key relaxed affairs to upscale and trendy, breakfast buffets to exotic appetizers and amazing cocktails.

No matter what type of food we serve, you can bet that we source super-high quality cuts of meat, fresh and locally sourced herbs, veggies and fruits, and that our baked and dairy goods are ultra fresh and expertly baked.

We make sure each and every dish wears the name ‘gourmet’ well – crafted to deliver exquisite taste – and presented in a pleasing fashion. We know that’s what our customers have come to expect from us, and we don’t intend to let them down.

We are always happy to talk about upcoming events, provide ideas about dishes, discuss price-points, venues, and even décor. And of course, when you’re ready to nail down your favorite gourmet dishes for an upcoming event, we will happily prepare samples for your gourmet palate.

We hope to wow you soon!



“The world of nonalcoholic spirits is absolutely exploding,” says Jacquie Bols, owner of Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering. “Not only are there a ton of interesting varieties of A/F (alcohol-free) spirits being developed, but bartenders are happily crafting amazing and creative nonalcoholic cocktails. It’s becoming quite trendy to offer a variety of A/F cocktails at an increasing number of parties we cater.”

According to the Alcoholic Beverage Commission, “Growth of non-alcoholic beverage trends across the U.S. is being reflected in sales figures. Between August 2021 and August 2022, total dollar sales of non-alcoholic drinks in the US stood at $395 million, showing a year-on-year growth of +20.6%.”

The reasons are interesting:

Our bartenders and party planners certainly see and appreciate this trend – which won’t be going away any time soon.

How does this affect the next event you plan?

“Don’t make non-alcohol cocktails an after-thought,” suggests one of our favorite bartenders. “Instead, plan on offering several types of A/F bar choices – maybe even headline them.”

At one recent wedding reception, the bride and groom both offered a specialty non-alcoholic cocktail in their honor. “We’ve found attendees really appreciate not having to resort to club soda or flavored sodas for their drink of choice.”

Says Jacquie Bols, “Our bartenders have discovered several tasty and delicious substitutes for bourbon, gin, rum and vodka, and can easily make great cocktails with each of them.”

So why not add A/F drinks to your next event? It’s healthy, trendy, inclusive, and now… absolutely delicious!







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