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May 23, 2018Lauren Windle

It’s hard to pinpoint what makes a catering company a success. This is our 8th year catering in Indy, and we’ve grown exponentially since we opened our doors, adding two kitchens and two warehouses. We also added a tasting room and 15 staff.

So what’s our secret sauce?

Here are some of Jacquie’s thoughts when it comes to event planning, menu preparing, cooking, presenting, and helping make an event a successful one.

Event Planning

“When I start thinking about a special event, I put myself in my client’s shoes. They will want a generous assortment of foods laid out in beautiful way, in keeping with the theme they have carefully chosen. Our job is to do everything possible to wow our client – and his/her guests – right from the start.”

“Choosing the right venue comes first. We know what type of place works best to set the mood, and make the event come to life. We are happy to share our experience and offer suggestions. We are also very careful to really listen to what the client wants. That is first and foremost.”

 Menu Prep

“Sometimes people begin planning a meal with very definite ideas. But more often than not, we get guidelines and suggestions, and meet with the organization or the individual to fine tune the details. What has served me well is having an open mind and being creative. I’m always willing to put together unusual food pairings or try something new for a client.”

“We also have decades of experience watching how successful parties operate, and what tends to work with which types of event.

Bottom line is food quality. We use local sources for vegetables, herbs and meats. Everything we prepare is as natural, sustainable and organic as possible, from Smoking Goose to This Old Farm, Gunthrop Farms; cheese from Traders Point Creamery and Tulip Tree. Even the coffee, breads and desserts are fresh, wholesome and made with organic produce.”


“Presentation can make or break a party. People need to be able to love the way food is presented first – before that initial fork-full. We work diligently to make sure our plates and trays look as wonderful as they taste. Everything is artfully arranged, colorful, and fresh.”

“We also make sure we have the staff we need to keep the food flowing. If it is supposed to be served hot, it is. If a desert is best served cold, it is. We want our service to be as impeccable as our food.”

     ~Jacquie Bols, owner

The secret sauce is in the experience and detailed organization of our staff. We invite you to check out the testimonials on our site to see what our clients say about us.








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