Planning a wedding menu? We make it easy.

April 17, 2024Lauren Windle

Taking charge of planning all the details surrounding a wedding is certainly challenging. Of course, that’s why wedding planners are in such high demand.

So whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or hiring someone to help, Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering can make the food planning part of the wedding reception equation a lot easier.

We watch food trends and pay attention to which types of appetizers, main courses, and side dishes are consistently the most popular. The happy result of this is our Sample Wedding Menus (LINK:

These are 5 super delicious ideal wedding reception menus that we offer couples as a way to compare main courses (Roasted tenderloin vs. Crab-stopped strip steak? Spiced pork with braised bacon vs. Chicken Piccata?) as a starting point, then branch out to garden fresh asparagus salads, heirloom potatoes, spinach souffle, Belgium endive, baby spinach salads. Lots and lots of choices… and a lot of thought going into taste pairings, sustainability of the food, and locally sourced and harvested as often as possible.

We have grouped each collected Menu by taste, freshness, visual appeal, price point, sustainability, popularity, and scalability. Using these suggested menus as a base, it’s easy to add or subtract menu items – and adjust for groups of 50 to 350.

You can rest assured, knowing your reception dinner will be fabulous, served at just the right temperature, smell and taste divine, and look like a something you’d expect to see showcased in a popular social media host.

Lets talk about options!

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