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April 16, 2024Lauren Windle

Not all of us homeowners (or businessowners) can be excellent chefs -- with great food pairing abilities, enough time to perfectly cook, poach, roast and/or bake -- a great meal for 75 of your favorite people.

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It’s very hard to pull this feat off – never mind keep people raving about your food. Which is why our customers often ask their favorite caterers (us!) to step in and take care of this for them.

But what happens when you want to throw a party – and do it tastefully – for say, 15 to 60 of your favorite people? Whether that party is corporate or at your home, that’s a good time to reach out and ask Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering to step in.

With Jacquie’s Pick Up or Drop Off service, you can pre-order (then pick up yourself, or have us deliver) lots of amazingly prepared, impressive meals.

Everything from hot main courses, such as

  • Braised meat balls with artichokes and fennel
  • Chorizo and shrimp quesadillas with guac, chicken and goat cheese
  • Filet mignon with horseradish cream and carelized onion on a crostini
  • Mushrooms stuffed with spinach and goat cheese

Or plenty of cold dips and appetizer options, like

  • Three-layer pesto torte
  • Goat cheese lollipops with walnut crust
  • Chipolte torte with cilantro and lime (3 sizes avail)

You could also choose Food Station packages for orders over 20 guests.

  • We’ve got Street tacos (pork Cecina, adobe chicken or brisket) with all the sides.
  • Slider bar (angus beef, buffalo chicken, BBQ pork and even handmade vegan burgers) with lots of topic and bun options’
  • Nacho bar? We gotcha covered.
  • Barbeque? From smoked brisket to pulled pork – I’ts all perfectly cooked and steamy hot.

We know not offering desserts is NOT an option, so we have you covered there as well. Jacquies baking team can do a selection of mini desserts, logo cookies or cake pops, lemon squares… you get the picture.

Instead of trying to do it all yourself, ask us for a little help. We help you enjoy that home or office party – and look great doing it!

Get menus and details at https://www.jacquies.net/pick-up-or-drop-off/

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