Pleased to be a 2023 INDUSTRY Epic preferred caterer

April 17, 2023Lauren Windle

INDUSTRY has been called one of Indianapolis’ most versatile event venues, and we tend to agree. And apparently, INDUSTRY holds Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering in equal esteem, as they selected us to be a partner vendor for 2023, saying we “set the bar for the level of service you should expect to receive to make your event smooth-sailing!”

Located at 545 Kentucky Avenue in downtown’s funky cool Industrial district, INDUSTRY is a stunningly cool place to hold an event – especially since it rubs elbows with art displays, the Cultural Trail, sports, Indy festivals, and lots of nearby shops and exhibits at Indy’s museums and parks.

INDUSTRY has most definitely got an industrial vibe going on with its edgy angles, large windows and exposed architectural elements. We give it ‘two beams up’ as a great place to hold a wedding, or any type of corporate event, with space for up to 300 and plenty of special accommodations.

Interested in holding an upcoming special event at INDUSTRY? We can promise that your attendees will love the vibe.

We’re all in! Ask Jacquie’s event planners for details.


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