Hard to imagine being outside sleeveless, and in sandals – but those gorgeous warm days are just ahead.

It also means right now is the ideal time to book an outside event, especially if you want a weekend date May through September.

Why we love outdoor events:

  1. More bang for your buck! Outdoor wedding festivities are less pricey than indoor spaces.
  2. The great outdoors is less stuffy and more… well, open! Go big without folks feeling crowded.
  3. Having a ceremony outdoors (think flower-covered gazebo) is oh-so-romantic!
  4. Let the sunlight be your lighting – and nature as your backdrop. Great photographs!
  5. Choose a venue with a barn (or set up a tent) just in case the weather gets iffy.
  6. If your event is in the evening, there’s nothing more romantic than getting married as the sun slowly sinks beneath the horizon.
  7. Hello to a big evening bonfire for more outdoor fun.
  8. Some outdoor venues are dog-friendly. (Just sayin’!)

We know all about the best places! That means we can steer you towards event spaces that meet your needs well-ahead of time. No surprises.

Give us your requirements, including your must-haves and we’ll work with you to make sure your day is picture-perfect and seriously delicious!

Talk about a great location to host a party! The Bullseye Event Center (https://bullseyeeventgroup.com/bullseye-event-center/) is located directly across the street from Lucas Oil Stadium, offering amazing views of the stadium as well as the downtown Indy skyline.

Bullseye Event Center, one of Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering’s newer event centers, has the ability to open its 2 glass overhead doors to open the walls of the pavilion, making it an open air venue, weather permitting. Building capacity ranges from 750-1000 people depending on set up and use of outdoor spaces. Although its occupancy is up to 1000, the space is climate-controlled and extremely flexible, offering perfect sized areas for smaller capacity event sizes, as well.

Inside Bullseye Event Center (BEC), the 9,500 square foot aesthetic is distinctly warehouse in feel with a stainless steel air duct system above a flat black ceiling. The floors are polished acid-washed concrete. However, the amenities are very upscale including:

The BEC Indoor/Outdoor Pavilion is equipped with Hampstead retractable windows and doors creating amazing indoor and outdoor space. With a click of a button, the retractable 16 foot by 16 foot windows open up creating open air space. Cold and rainy? Another click retracts the state-of-the-art windows.

Whether it’s a big wedding, trade show, sporting event, corporate gathering, social event, or a non-profit charity event, the next level of hospitality in Indianapolis is with Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering at The Bullseye Event Center.





The Conservatory at Evergreen was the place to be last week as The 500 Festival committee honored a group of just under a hundred patrons with an unforgettable banquet.

The views at The Conservatory are stellar, owing largely to its location -- a stone’s throw from Eagle Creek -- surrounded by woods and views of the water. So, this afternoon-into-evening banquet was every bit a feast for the eyes as it was for the tastebuds.

Since the 500 Festival Corporation is a nonprofit organization producing almost 50 events and programs annually, it depends on the hard work of a lot of individuals. And that’s precisely why the 500 Festival folks pulled together this fabulous banquet with food and drinks courtesy of Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering.

What better place to begin a fabulous banquet than with butler-served hors d’ouevres? Jacquie’s Gourmet team passed:

This was followed by the first course:

Guest’s choice of two Entrees included:

Entrees were served with locally grown miniature Root vegetables, Jacquie’s own Fleure de Sel, and micro flowers. Everyone’s favorite, Amelia’s breads were also served with European butter.

Towards the end of the evening, our Dessert Station made its appearance, starring Flaming Long’s Donut Holes served with Hotel Tango Rum, Kahlua and LICK vanilla bean Ice Cream. Even our Coffee Station joined in the fun by offering Spanish Flaming Coffee!

The event was a delicious tribute to all those folks keeping the wheels spinning behind the scenes of The Indianapolis 500 Festival.


First, congratulations! Life IS good, and you deserve to choose the type of wedding and reception you want for your special day.

Very likely, you already have a pretty good idea of what you do – and absolutely don’t -- want to do on your wedding day. But whether you want to go BIG or just family and close friends, that still leaves a lot of little details to consider.

Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering wedding planning team has helped lots of second-timers with their receptions – for which we have adopted a slogan we embrace fully. Life is too short to worry about what others might think.Absolutely,” nods owner Jacquie Bols, “Just do what feels right for you.”

Here are some pretty cool ideas to use – or not -- from the happy couples we’ve worked with recently:



The place you choose for your wedding and reception will set the tone for the day. That’s why we recommend choosing a place that has meaning for you both.

We have lots of experience with venues and are happy to help in your decision. We can give you the scoop on everything from parking to best places for live bands – to guest capacity.





We can pull together the ideal menu for your group, large or small. We have great suggestions on what’s trending, what foods pair well, and how to set things up to look great while satisfying a multitude of palettes and appetites.

Let’s talk about what you want

When you’re ready to set ideas in motion, give us a call. As you can see, we have lots of ideas. We’re happy to help make your second time around absolutely memorable -- and lots of fun!



According to Jaquelyn Aleece, founder of The Wedding Plan & Company, “Instead of waiting months and fighting for the ideal weekend date at your venue of choice, you might opt to hold your wedding during the week instead.”

This idea gained momentum right after Covid restrictions lifted, and has stayed despite venues’ availability easing. Why? Because, just about everything you want will be less pricey and more available. (Plus you get a better chance of getting the venue and the caterer you really want.)

Considering that there are only 52 weekends in any given year, venues, florists, caterers, and rental companies can (and do) charge a premium for Friday and Saturday weddings. That's why a weekday wedding can be a lot more practical.

Here’s what wedding planners say about weekday weddings:

The pros

"If you get married during the week, it's a big cost saver," reports Christine Figliuolo, founder of Creations By Christine Events. “If you go with a less popular day, you'll likely save on everything from the venue to the photographer.”

The cons

How to finagle your weekday event

·      Ensure that the most important guests can attend. Clear the day and date with them prior to signing venue or vendor contracts.

·      Manage your expectations. Choose the day and time with your guests in mind. Be considerate of everyone else who has a life.

The best week day for weddings? Experts agree that Thursday evenings work well as many folks can take the following day, Friday, off work.

Another ideal day is the Monday of any three-day weekend such as Labor Day or frankly, any holiday (like the 4th of July, for instance) that includes an extra day off. Bonus – you can plan the wedding around that holiday, weaving the theme into your colors, music, decor and food. Plus with a three day span to work around, more family and friends are likely to come to your event!

No matter what day you choose for your wedding, Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering team will work with you to make sure your wedding reception goes smoothly and tastes amazing. Let’s talk about what you want.

Once you’ve decided on a time, date and place for your wedding reception (or really, any special event), the next big decision is what to serve. And that, for many clients, can a decidedly complicated decision.

Here’s what to consider, from the experienced event planners at Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering:

Once you have taken all of the above into consideration, we can help you come up with a palate-pleasing menu that meets your requirements.

A good place to start is by heading to our website and looking at our 5 top menus https://www.jacquies.net/wedding-menus/. Our event planners can sit down with you and add and subtract menu items, or come up with something unique to suit your needs. That includes planning a bar menu as well.

Got a question about food pairings? An idea about something you’d like to serve? We can help you with answers and all kinds of helpful ideas.

Next comes the fun part. We can schedule a time for a taste-testing, so you can actually sample what you wish to serve. It’s a great way to feel comfortable about your upcoming event.

Let’s get started on making your event memorable and delicious!

What’s better than a relaxed outside event with great catered food paired with highly sip-able wine? (Uhh… nothing we can think of!) We think that combination is pretty tough to beat, which is why Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering team enjoys recommending Mallow Run Winery for summer and fall outdoor parties.

Mallow Run Winery, 20 minutes south of downtown Indy (located on West Whiteland Road in Bargersville, Indiana), is a great place to taste award-winning wines or see a summer concert – but it’s also a fantastic venue in which to host your next event. We know this well, having been one of Mallow Run’s preferred caterers since it opened.

The Sycamore event barn is just west of the winery. There are three event spaces inside, each one rustic, romantic, and airy, with room for well over 200 – including plenty of space for parking. The barn includes a catering kitchen, bridal suite, outdoor deck, and of course, access to the historic Mallow Run tasting room. Mallow Run also functions well for holiday parties, corporate events and fundraisers. Jacquie’s Catering team finds the Sycamore kitchens top notch – and is happy to serve your event inside or out – or both.

Of course, it adds to any party to incorporate the fabulous wines available at Mallow Run into your event! Jacquie’s team happily pours Mallow Run wines from zesty Zinfandels to red blends, estate rose’ and blush, heck, even rhubard wine – a popular summer favorite. Mallow Run Winery is also known for its sparkling wines, classic whites, and hard ciders.

Warm weather is ideal for hosting a party at Mallow Run. For more details, find The Sycamore at Mallow Run on our Event page, visit to https://mallowrun.com, or call (317) 422-1556.





What’s the purpose of this “party before the party?” Who should you invite? And who should pay?

Traditionally, the rehearsal dinner is the first event of your wedding and has three primary purposes:

In short, having a rehearsal dinner helps everyone get to know each other better and establish new ties ahead of the wedding.

So, who pays?

Let’s get this tricky question addressed right off the bat. Traditionally, one family pays for the wedding and the other family (generally the groom’s) hosts/pays for the rehearsal dinner. However, couples are more independent these days (and a little older) and as a result, are opting to foot the bill themselves -- or pool money from both sets of parents. It really is up to you, depending on your circumstance and preference. (Quick aside: Whomever pays gets the final say on who is invited and host of the evening so be sure to factor that in!)

What’s expected?

Traditions are not “must-do’s” anymore. So do what you want. That said, here are some activities we’ve noticed are often included:

You can ask others to come up and do a toast (prepared or off the cuff). Often best friends of the bride and groom each give one. You can also do an “open mic” of sorts.

It’s a good idea to have bottles of champagne or sparkling wine available for toasting. (We can help you figure out how many to have based on how many people you invite.)

Some couples incorporate some sort of slide show to highlight their travel, how they met, became engaged, or their different childhoods.

Sample timeline

We’ve seen rehearsal dinners that dragged on, and those that were perfectly paced. Here’s what Jacquie Bols have noticed works best:

We love to cater rehearsal dinners because they can be so much fun!

How can we help you plan? If you have questions, we have answers!

You can set the tone for your next event right out of the gate by having it someplace unexpected.

Among the hippest corporate and private event choices is The Indianapolis Art Center. It’s vibrant, avant gard, dramatic, and chic – probably because it was designed by an icon, Michael Graves. There’s also plenty of gorgeous works of art displayed on the walls and throughout the grounds, giving your guests plenty to talk about as they celebrate. Set atop nearly 10 acres along the banks of the White River, the Art Center is tucked just off north College Avenue, at 820 East 67th Street.

Another trendy, hip place to hold an event? The Vogue on College Avenue. Great stage – especially if you have a speaker scheduled. Fantastic lighting available, great sound system – naturally! And lots of seating available. And – everyone around town has been there and remembers going to concerts there. Again, lots to talk about!

Other unusual places we love to cater – and your guests will enjoy include:

Not familiar with some of those we mentioned? Check them out at our website: https://www.jacquies.net/venues-2/. There you’ll find pics, stats and other relevant information.

We love catering corporate parties at unusual and unexpected places!  We frequently take our color themes and décor right from the place and exhibits themselves – which not only cuts down on décor budget, but also puts guests in a festive mood.

These venues are very welcoming, with plenty of parking, and provide guests with lots to discuss as they peruse, eat, listen, dance, and celebrate.

Let’s get artsy, festive, intentional, historic, and bold -- and help make your next event one that makes a lasting impression!

INDUSTRY has been called one of Indianapolis’ most versatile event venues, and we tend to agree. And apparently, INDUSTRY holds Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering in equal esteem, as they selected us to be a partner vendor for 2023, saying we “set the bar for the level of service you should expect to receive to make your event smooth-sailing!”

Located at 545 Kentucky Avenue in downtown’s funky cool Industrial district, INDUSTRY is a stunningly cool place to hold an event – especially since it rubs elbows with art displays, the Cultural Trail, sports, Indy festivals, and lots of nearby shops and exhibits at Indy’s museums and parks.

INDUSTRY has most definitely got an industrial vibe going on with its edgy angles, large windows and exposed architectural elements. We give it ‘two beams up’ as a great place to hold a wedding, or any type of corporate event, with space for up to 300 and plenty of special accommodations.

Interested in holding an upcoming special event at INDUSTRY? We can promise that your attendees will love the vibe.

We’re all in! Ask Jacquie’s event planners for details.


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