Hard to imagine being outside sleeveless, and in sandals – but those gorgeous warm days are just ahead.

It also means right now is the ideal time to book an outside event, especially if you want a weekend date May through September.

Why we love outdoor events:

  1. More bang for your buck! Outdoor wedding festivities are less pricey than indoor spaces.
  2. The great outdoors is less stuffy and more… well, open! Go big without folks feeling crowded.
  3. Having a ceremony outdoors (think flower-covered gazebo) is oh-so-romantic!
  4. Let the sunlight be your lighting – and nature as your backdrop. Great photographs!
  5. Choose a venue with a barn (or set up a tent) just in case the weather gets iffy.
  6. If your event is in the evening, there’s nothing more romantic than getting married as the sun slowly sinks beneath the horizon.
  7. Hello to a big evening bonfire for more outdoor fun.
  8. Some outdoor venues are dog-friendly. (Just sayin’!)

We know all about the best places! That means we can steer you towards event spaces that meet your needs well-ahead of time. No surprises.

Give us your requirements, including your must-haves and we’ll work with you to make sure your day is picture-perfect and seriously delicious!

One of the interesting aspects of working with Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering is getting to know more about many of the event spaces in and around Indy.

One of the venues we unhesitatingly recommend – especially for weddings -- is Morgan Acres. Located in Hancock County, this lovely space consists of five beautifully maintained acres complete with vineyard, brambles, orchard, pond and plenty of outdoor sites for special events. Take a look at this video: (https://www.morganacresindy.com/why-morgan-acres.html)

Morgan Acres also has some especially unique features:


The Barn includes a bridal suite, kitchen, (2) full bathrooms, loft seating and dance floor. Two large sets of barn doors in front and back open, inviting natural lighting and air flow.

The large main loft is joined to two balcony sections by arched, wooden walkways. The upper sections can seat up to 175 with additional seating on the main level and is ADA accessible. An outdoor deck is available for expanded seating or outdoor activities.

Originally part of a 1000-acre farmstead reaching from Cumberland Road into Hancock County, the house & main barn were built from the trees grown on the property. The Grand Barn has been restored to maintain its original integrity and design. The property remains a historically significant piece of Indiana history and is eligible for the Indiana Historic Registry.

Multiple wedding packages available. Plus -- Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering has catered large and small events here numerous times. We hope to cater your wedding at Morgan Acres this wedding season!

Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering has some truly lovely outdoor venues available from which to cater your next event. Hawks Point Acres in Anderson is one of our favorites.

Hawks Point Acres’ location in Madison County renders it an ideal crossroads for guests meeting up from Indianapolis, Muncie, Kokomo, Greenfield, and other eastern Indiana cities.

But it’s the romantic newly built barn on the tree-covered seven acres, it’s ideal for weddings and other special occasions – and recognized by The Knot “Best of Weddings” 2023.

Built in 2016, Hawks Point barn offers 2,000 square feet for up 175 people to enjoy. Party-perfect amenities include: three indoor bathrooms, heating and air conditioning, three crystal chandeliers, twinkle lights, organza draping, numerous pieces of rustic décor such as wine barrels, crates, old doors, multiple wooden signs and chalkboard signs. It’s truly a hidden gem (https://www.hawkspointacres.com/take-a-tour/).

It all adds up to a perfect place for your beautifully and deliciously catered wedding party and reception. Best part? Jacquie’s planning team will be happy to help you book a tour and choose your date, simplifying your party-planning!

The Conservatory at Evergreen is the newest event space for which Jacquie’s Gourmet team provides catering. Located at 8140 W. 34th St Indianapolis, IN 46214, The Conservatory is set on a lush 23-acre space adjacent to Eagle Creek Reservoir. Privately owned for 92 years, the new owners took care to maintain the integrity, history, and serenity of the surrounding land when they crafted the beautiful glass-walled event building.

The scenery -- visible from all sides -- even the glass roof! -- is nothing short of spectacular, offering panoramic views of a peaceful, pristine lake surrounded by sprawling hills, evergreens, and woods. It’s a beautiful place to begin your event with a wow! – and create a lasting memory.

Conservatory amenities:

Entertain up to 250 guests as you tie the knot or tie one on for a special day that you and your guests will always remember. Here’s what The Conservatory at Evergreen provides:

If you have a special date in your future, holding it at The Conservatory at Evergreen guarantees a "statement event" and a beautiful memory. As always, Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering team has lots of catering and party planning ideas for you and your guests. Let’s start the conversation.





Westfield’s West Fork Event Center is one of Indy’s newest and hippest centers to book a party – and we’re pleased to be one of the approved vendors.

The fresh new event center is part of the Indianapolis-based West Fork Whiskey Co., home to several distillery-themed restaurants and centers.

Often referred to as “West Fork Whiskey,” the event enter is a part of a 30,000-square-foot facility includes expanded distillery operations, as well as a restaurant, cocktail lounge, event center and retail space – located across the street from Westfield’s Grand Park Sports Campus at 10 E. 191st Street.

Upstairs in the attached Mezzanine, located above the working distillery and overlooking the The MASH House restaurant, parties up to 90 guests can be accommodated.

For larger groups of up to 300, the West Fork Event Center itself is austere, open and starkly designed for maximum impact. It is an ideal place for a holiday or corporate party -- or any type of large gathering. Great vibe and fantastic contemporary space -- not to mention a cozy dressing room for getting ready for your event.

We are having a great time celebrating at this new place, and would love to see you there – so book early to get the date you want. Bottoms up!

According to Jaquelyn Aleece, founder of The Wedding Plan & Company, “Instead of waiting months and fighting for the ideal weekend date at your venue of choice, you might opt to hold your wedding during the week instead.”

This idea gained momentum right after Covid restrictions lifted, and has stayed despite venues’ availability easing. Why? Because, just about everything you want will be less pricey and more available. (Plus you get a better chance of getting the venue and the caterer you really want.)

Considering that there are only 52 weekends in any given year, venues, florists, caterers, and rental companies can (and do) charge a premium for Friday and Saturday weddings. That's why a weekday wedding can be a lot more practical.

Here’s what wedding planners say about weekday weddings:

The pros

"If you get married during the week, it's a big cost saver," reports Christine Figliuolo, founder of Creations By Christine Events. “If you go with a less popular day, you'll likely save on everything from the venue to the photographer.”

The cons

How to finagle your weekday event

·      Ensure that the most important guests can attend. Clear the day and date with them prior to signing venue or vendor contracts.

·      Manage your expectations. Choose the day and time with your guests in mind. Be considerate of everyone else who has a life.

The best week day for weddings? Experts agree that Thursday evenings work well as many folks can take the following day, Friday, off work.

Another ideal day is the Monday of any three-day weekend such as Labor Day or frankly, any holiday (like the 4th of July, for instance) that includes an extra day off. Bonus – you can plan the wedding around that holiday, weaving the theme into your colors, music, decor and food. Plus with a three day span to work around, more family and friends are likely to come to your event!

No matter what day you choose for your wedding, Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering team will work with you to make sure your wedding reception goes smoothly and tastes amazing. Let’s talk about what you want.

Want to have a smaller wedding but also want to be sure the food is fantastic and the day goes smoothly? We have your back at Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering.

We are happy to work with a smaller budget – in fact, we do this quite often. We’ve found that tight budgets don't necessarily mean a muted celebration. It just brings out the creativity in brides …and our helpful party planners!

There are tons of unique ways to work with a smaller budget when planning your ceremony and reception details. Lucky for you, Jacquie Bols has lots of ideas and lots of experience in this area.

Here are her top 5 tips for planning small weddings: 

 When it comes to food planning, we can help you cut corners without short-changing on taste and quality.










Large suitable venues around the Indy area can be hard to find and very pricey. They also need to be reserved well in advance.

By large, we are talking about usable square footage of the event venue, and/or the number of people attending. Generally, talking about large events means large on both counts.

Jacquie Bols, owner/operater of Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering, suggests there are multiple ways to manage very large events. Here are a few of her thoughts and recommendations:

At Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering, we have lots of experience hosting large events -- from large wedding receptions to ritzy corporate holiday parties. Not only can we can help guide you to find the right place for your needs, we can also make sure your event goes smoothly – and deliciously – from start to finish.




Wedding receptions are the festive part of the whole wedding thing – the ‘release’ after weeks of planning that everyone looks forward to—family, friends, and the couple themselves.

There’s music, meeting new people, family reunions, celebrating with adult beverages, eating yummy food, dancing… and generally having a great time celebrating the new couple.

Of course, there’s a lot of planning that goes into that celebration. Lot’s of decorating, too. So here’s what trend-setters are saying about what’s new this year in receptions…

Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering party planners are happy to help you plan and decorate as much or as little as you want. Let us know your theme and colors and we can go to town – or just tell us what where you’d like some suggestions. Either way, we are happy to help.






You can set the tone for your next event right out of the gate by having it someplace unexpected.

Among the hippest corporate and private event choices is The Indianapolis Art Center. It’s vibrant, avant gard, dramatic, and chic – probably because it was designed by an icon, Michael Graves. There’s also plenty of gorgeous works of art displayed on the walls and throughout the grounds, giving your guests plenty to talk about as they celebrate. Set atop nearly 10 acres along the banks of the White River, the Art Center is tucked just off north College Avenue, at 820 East 67th Street.

Another trendy, hip place to hold an event? The Vogue on College Avenue. Great stage – especially if you have a speaker scheduled. Fantastic lighting available, great sound system – naturally! And lots of seating available. And – everyone around town has been there and remembers going to concerts there. Again, lots to talk about!

Other unusual places we love to cater – and your guests will enjoy include:

Not familiar with some of those we mentioned? Check them out at our website: https://www.jacquies.net/venues-2/. There you’ll find pics, stats and other relevant information.

We love catering corporate parties at unusual and unexpected places!  We frequently take our color themes and décor right from the place and exhibits themselves – which not only cuts down on décor budget, but also puts guests in a festive mood.

These venues are very welcoming, with plenty of parking, and provide guests with lots to discuss as they peruse, eat, listen, dance, and celebrate.

Let’s get artsy, festive, intentional, historic, and bold -- and help make your next event one that makes a lasting impression!

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