This month is the ideal time to book that holiday party

September 8, 2021Lauren Windle

But – it’s still summer.

We know…


But – the holidays just won’t be stopped. And the early bird gets the worm – which in this case, is the ideal holiday date during those much-sought-after early Friday/Saturday/Sundays in December.

Booking the place you want on the date you want ahead of the holidays is no small feat. Which is why we want you to know that Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering reps can help you do both.

We’ll help secure you the right place (downtown, mid-town, north side, south side, Fishers, Carmel or Zionsville). And perhaps recommend a venue or two you haven’t heard of. After all, we now have agreements with more than fifty venues within a 40 miles radius for whom we have catering privileges.

Of course, other caterers use these facilities as well. Needless to say, we can’t book the date and time you want if they are already taken. (Plus -- there is a lot of pent up post-pandemic desire to get together for the holidays.)

Once we’ve secured the perfect date at the place you want, we’ll be happy to work with you to pull together the ideal holiday menu for your business, nonprofit, or personal pleasure.

We’ve got 20 years’ worth of tried-and-true holiday menus from which to pick and choose. And – we’re always interested in trying something new.  to top off the evening with aplomb! We’ve got you covered.

Beat the rush and set your holiday event early. Checking that important detail off your holiday to-do list early this month is the smart thing to do before fall temperatures creep in, and everyone else rushes in with the same idea.

- Jacquie


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