How to take ‘picture perfect’ event pics

September 26, 2023Lauren Windle

These days, just about every event you attend includes social media photos. So – what can you do to look really good in those pics – instead of cringe-worthy?

 Here’s what the experts say to do before the event:  

  • First -- do a little research. Look at previous photos and see what you can figure out where you went right or wrong. Notice what kinds of clothes and colors suit you, and which don’t.
  • Practice smiling. Relax your face and jaw muscles, engage your eyes, think about something that makes you happy.
  • Some people look better when they smile with teeth, and some don’t. Practice both to see what works best for you.
  • If you're photographing food, keep the food interesting. Make sure there's lots going on with the food on the plate or on the table.
  • Go in for a close up!
  • Use natural lighting whenever you can. But watch out for shadows.

Ready, set, strike that pose!

·      Try posing with your hand on your hip to create space between arms and body.

·      Angle your shoulders toward the camera. Then take a deep breath, relax and roll your shoulders back. You’ll look relaxed and confident.

  • If you have long hair and are wearing it down, consider taking one side behind you to keep your look asymmetrical.
  • Want more tips? Check out How to Pose in Pictures | AlexandrasGirlyTalk

Best way to look like you are relaxed and enjoying an event? Let us do all the work – from set up to tear down – and all that fantastic food and drink in the middle. Let’s talk about that next event you have coming up!

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