How to plan a wedding reception menu

July 20, 2023Lauren Windle

Once you’ve decided on a time, date and place for your wedding reception (or really, any special event), the next big decision is what to serve. And that, for many clients, can a decidedly complicated decision.

Here’s what to consider, from the experienced event planners at Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering:

  • What time is the event? Pretty much everything you serve depends on the time of day. A brunch menu is going to be quite different to lunch or dinner, for example.
  • Are you going for a casual approach or something more formal?
  • How many people are you inviting? (According to, you can reasonably expect 75 – 80% of those invited to attend a wedding reception.)
  • Is the event outside under a tent or inside, where temperatures are consistent?
  • What’s your budget? Establishing a realistic budget will provide a framework from which to make food, décor, entertainment, and beverage decisions.
  • The average age of your attendees is also something to consider. Boomers, millennials, and Gen Z will appreciate different types of foods and drinks.

Once you have taken all of the above into consideration, we can help you come up with a palate-pleasing menu that meets your requirements.

A good place to start is by heading to our website and looking at our 5 top menus Our event planners can sit down with you and add and subtract menu items, or come up with something unique to suit your needs. That includes planning a bar menu as well.

Got a question about food pairings? An idea about something you’d like to serve? We can help you with answers and all kinds of helpful ideas.

Next comes the fun part. We can schedule a time for a taste-testing, so you can actually sample what you wish to serve. It’s a great way to feel comfortable about your upcoming event.

Let’s get started on making your event memorable and delicious!

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