Because we are known for our gourmet foods, folks often assume we don’t cater anything other than upscale corporate affairs and large, lavish receptions.

We’d like to set the record straight on that.

We most certainly can do the extravagant parties and large-scale events, but you might be surprised that we do many, many other types of gatherings, some of them surprisingly small and simple.

For instance:

The common factor for all these events -- large and small, very simple to extravagant, is – absolutely fantastic food. We don’t compromise on that. In fact, we can even make tacos and hotdogs taste great by starting with healthy organic meat and proper preparation.

So – whatever you are celebrating, large or small, we hope you’ll invite us to be a part of your special day.

Hard to imagine being outside sleeveless, and in sandals – but those gorgeous warm days are just ahead.

It also means right now is the ideal time to book an outside event, especially if you want a weekend date May through September.

Why we love outdoor events:

  1. More bang for your buck! Outdoor wedding festivities are less pricey than indoor spaces.
  2. The great outdoors is less stuffy and more… well, open! Go big without folks feeling crowded.
  3. Having a ceremony outdoors (think flower-covered gazebo) is oh-so-romantic!
  4. Let the sunlight be your lighting – and nature as your backdrop. Great photographs!
  5. Choose a venue with a barn (or set up a tent) just in case the weather gets iffy.
  6. If your event is in the evening, there’s nothing more romantic than getting married as the sun slowly sinks beneath the horizon.
  7. Hello to a big evening bonfire for more outdoor fun.
  8. Some outdoor venues are dog-friendly. (Just sayin’!)

We know all about the best places! That means we can steer you towards event spaces that meet your needs well-ahead of time. No surprises.

Give us your requirements, including your must-haves and we’ll work with you to make sure your day is picture-perfect and seriously delicious!

One of the interesting aspects of working with Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering is getting to know more about many of the event spaces in and around Indy.

One of the venues we unhesitatingly recommend – especially for weddings -- is Morgan Acres. Located in Hancock County, this lovely space consists of five beautifully maintained acres complete with vineyard, brambles, orchard, pond and plenty of outdoor sites for special events. Take a look at this video: (

Morgan Acres also has some especially unique features:


The Barn includes a bridal suite, kitchen, (2) full bathrooms, loft seating and dance floor. Two large sets of barn doors in front and back open, inviting natural lighting and air flow.

The large main loft is joined to two balcony sections by arched, wooden walkways. The upper sections can seat up to 175 with additional seating on the main level and is ADA accessible. An outdoor deck is available for expanded seating or outdoor activities.

Originally part of a 1000-acre farmstead reaching from Cumberland Road into Hancock County, the house & main barn were built from the trees grown on the property. The Grand Barn has been restored to maintain its original integrity and design. The property remains a historically significant piece of Indiana history and is eligible for the Indiana Historic Registry.

Multiple wedding packages available. Plus -- Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering has catered large and small events here numerous times. We hope to cater your wedding at Morgan Acres this wedding season!

Twenty years ago, when Jacquie Bols opened Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering for business, we intentionally set our standards high.

We knew Indy’s catering scene was already well represented but -- we didn’t see anyone else talking about sustainably-sourced, Indiana-grown, and ethically-raised free-range meats, and organically grown greens.

Plus – we put that very important word “Gourmet” right in our name. We believed we could prepare and serve gourmet meals that taste every bit as good as they present – and be responsibly and locally grown.

Twenty years on, it feels good to be honored for our accomplishments especially since our customers AND the industry are bestowing these accolades:

Thank you!

That noted, we certainly aren’t resting on our laurels. We continue to expertly cater all kinds of private parties, from backyard bashes to thank you breakfasts:

Our meals come out looking beautiful, served at just the right temperature, and tasting delicious. Every time. Because our reputation depends on that.


It feels so good to celebrate your company’s accomplishments and honor those who have helped your team succeed. People like to know their worth and feel appreciated. Plus – we’ve yet to meet the person who doesn’t enjoy great food (that someone else prepares for them!)

Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering understands both the desire to thank and be thanked, especially when it’s done in good taste. And of course, good taste is what we’re all about.

To make pulling together a corporate breakfast, brunch or lunch, Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering team has done a lot of the prep for you.

“What should we serve that everyone will like?” We’ve already assembled a terrific line up of popular menu choices ( to make choosing items and ordering hassle-free. With 20+ guests at your corporate event, we can provide Farmhouse Breakfasts, Breakfast Burritos, Croissants, Coffee cake and fruit, or Individual Yogurt Parfaits with berries and honey or Hot Oatmeal with dried fruit. All served with orange juice, organic coffee and decaf. There are also Biscuits and Gravy, Lemon Ricotta Pancakes, Leige Belgium Waffles, and Sour Cream Coffee cake.

Lots of choices for lots of appetites. Choose from our Menu 1, 2, 3 or 4… or put together a special menu of your choice.

Rather offer lunch? Not surprisingly, we have you covered there, too. Choose among Jacquie’s Signature Chicken Salad, Caprese Salad, Smoked Turkey with Brie and Apple, Grilled Corned Beef and/or Roasted Vegetable Wraps.

With a minimum order of 10 and a minimum of 5 per sandwich selection, you can choose from hand cut artisan soft white, wheat bread, rye, focaccia, or tomato wrap, and Gluten Free. Our famous sides are included – soups, too -- even Brownies, Lemon bars, or Carmel Sea Salt cookies.

Leaning more toward Deli or Charcuterie assortments? We have pulled together several boards overflowing with high quality Smoking Goose meats and gourmet cheeses, plus salads, fresh fruits and slaws to accompany them.

Buffet-style lunches? Yes. Vegetarian and Gluten-free options? Absolutely. Beverages? Lots of them, served hot and/or cold, just as they should be.

We’ve done a lot of the work ahead of time – so you can swoop in and say ‘yes’ to guaranteed-to-please choices for your team. And – feel great knowing Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering will deliver delicious meals plus hassle-free delivery.

Tell us what you want. Name the time and place. We’ll take care of the rest!



Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering team has been told that we ask a lot of questions of our clients. We do that to make sure we understand exactly what you want your event to express.

You see where we are going here. Our experience with hundreds of parties with every conceivable option sets us apart from many other caterers and event planners. We build each and every event around your ideas, the tone you want to set, and the lasting impression you want to make.  

Our team’s questions are great conversation starters and set up to make sure we get where you are coming from. At Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering, we are good listeners – and happy to provide answers to your questions as well.






Lots of companies throw holiday parties. So it takes a little something extra to go above and beyond to create a truly memorable experience.

The best holiday festivities are lively, colorful and offer something a little different. That’s why Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering is often tapped to provide a food-forward event with emphasis on big taste, variety and …a sustainable footprint.

From large corporations to smaller local organizations, we are hired because of our A+ 20-year reputation and increasingly, for our farm-to-table, sustainable, organic, locally sourced foods. Invitees and businesses want to know the holiday event they are throwing is as responsible as it is fun!

One of our favorite recent holiday parties was upscale and festive. Guests arrived for cocktails and beautiful décor, underscored by low key lighting and a 5-piece orchestra playing in the background.

Our bartender served two special holiday concoctions, one alcoholic, and another – just as festive – a mocktail. Indiana red and white wines were also available as well as two popular beers, both locally brewed.

Jacquie’s team set out :

Three Layer Pesto Torte with Goat Cheese, Sundried Tomatoes, Fresh Basil Pesto and Pine Nuts with Crackers.

Bourbon Chicken Skewers and
Mini Cuban Sandwiches were also offered.
We offered a vegan option as well, Morbier Grilled Cheese with Tomato Jam Mushrooms Stuffed with Parmesan.

For dinner, we made sure our beef and cheese selections were sourced from Indiana farms:

Rounding out the meal, was:

Jacquie’s team ended the evening on a sweet note, offering an irresistible dessert station filled with everyone’s favorites:

We also made sure to include recycling bins and as few single-use goods as possible. The result was a beautifully prepared and presented holiday party, which everyone – from the staff to the party-goers, could feel good about!



Talk about a great location to host a party! The Bullseye Event Center ( is located directly across the street from Lucas Oil Stadium, offering amazing views of the stadium as well as the downtown Indy skyline.

Bullseye Event Center, one of Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering’s newer event centers, has the ability to open its 2 glass overhead doors to open the walls of the pavilion, making it an open air venue, weather permitting. Building capacity ranges from 750-1000 people depending on set up and use of outdoor spaces. Although its occupancy is up to 1000, the space is climate-controlled and extremely flexible, offering perfect sized areas for smaller capacity event sizes, as well.

Inside Bullseye Event Center (BEC), the 9,500 square foot aesthetic is distinctly warehouse in feel with a stainless steel air duct system above a flat black ceiling. The floors are polished acid-washed concrete. However, the amenities are very upscale including:

The BEC Indoor/Outdoor Pavilion is equipped with Hampstead retractable windows and doors creating amazing indoor and outdoor space. With a click of a button, the retractable 16 foot by 16 foot windows open up creating open air space. Cold and rainy? Another click retracts the state-of-the-art windows.

Whether it’s a big wedding, trade show, sporting event, corporate gathering, social event, or a non-profit charity event, the next level of hospitality in Indianapolis is with Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering at The Bullseye Event Center.





Before Halloween décor is up and before the leaves are fully awash in color is your cue to book the ideal date – and place – for your holiday bash. So yes, now’s the time to call to reserve the Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday in November, December or January’s New Year’s eve – at the place you want.

Believe it or not, we have been booking holiday dates for parties since June! Demand is still high on the heels of Covid restrictions, even  going on two years from shutdown.

Luckily, Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering has agreements with over 30 first class facilities ( all across downtown, mid-town, south-side, Noblesville, Carmel, Zionsville, Westfield, and Greenwood. We know the ideal venues for cozy gatherings, mid-size bashes, and full-scale jammed-to-the-rafters blow-out parties.

That means we can save you time scrolling through venue websites and getting questions answered about parking, band music restrictions, liquor licenses, and maximum capacities.

Once you have your date and venue nailed down, our Event Coordinators swing into action. We are experts at pulling together holiday food menus – and have all sorts of ideas to help make your holiday event a memorable one. Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering team also has a great way of putting into play the type of event you have in your head – right down to the finer points of bar trends, event lighting and sound dynamics. Yes, even table and linen rentals, rest room and tent rentals, flowers – and food trends --  so your party gets remembered!

Let us help you get the holiday ball rolling – so you can feel confident and even relax a bit as the winter holidays swoosh in to the end of the year!




First, congratulations! Life IS good, and you deserve to choose the type of wedding and reception you want for your special day.

Very likely, you already have a pretty good idea of what you do – and absolutely don’t -- want to do on your wedding day. But whether you want to go BIG or just family and close friends, that still leaves a lot of little details to consider.

Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering wedding planning team has helped lots of second-timers with their receptions – for which we have adopted a slogan we embrace fully. Life is too short to worry about what others might think.Absolutely,” nods owner Jacquie Bols, “Just do what feels right for you.”

Here are some pretty cool ideas to use – or not -- from the happy couples we’ve worked with recently:



The place you choose for your wedding and reception will set the tone for the day. That’s why we recommend choosing a place that has meaning for you both.

We have lots of experience with venues and are happy to help in your decision. We can give you the scoop on everything from parking to best places for live bands – to guest capacity.





We can pull together the ideal menu for your group, large or small. We have great suggestions on what’s trending, what foods pair well, and how to set things up to look great while satisfying a multitude of palettes and appetites.

Let’s talk about what you want

When you’re ready to set ideas in motion, give us a call. As you can see, we have lots of ideas. We’re happy to help make your second time around absolutely memorable -- and lots of fun!



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