Why we can’t get enough of appetizers!

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Once upon a party, a small dish of some sort of light food served before dinner was considered a must. Its purpose was to stimulate one’s appetite and help provide just a little sustenance while drinks were served, and before the main course arrived.

Today, those old social rules are out the window. Appetizers have become popular in their own right. Now they are very often are served on their own and in greater quantities (and varieties) than ever.

At Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering, we love appetizers as a stand-alone party food because they set the tone for a party – relaxed, light and fun. Savory or sweet, served hot, cold or room temperature, meat heavy or meat-free, they just lend themselves to a good time.

Appetizer-only parties are especially fun for social occasions because you can walk around while enjoying tiny bites. They get the party started with mingling, a cocktail in hand.

Of course, presentation is always an important part about serving any party food. A party full of appetizers is also a good practical way to keep hosting costs down, whether you throw the party yourself or have us do the prep and serving.

Here are some fun appetizers we love to serve:

  • Caprese skewers
  • Mini-meat (or meatless) balls with fork skewers
  • Food caddies – for instance, multiple compartments filled with salad fixings, hotdog or hamburger toppings, various skewered kabobs, or the like
  • Shrimp shooters in shot glasses
  • Martini glasses filled with guacamole, ceviche or gazpacho soup
  • Various kinds of upscale mini pizzas
  • An olive tree centerpiece for a loaded charcuterie board
  • Small ‘bacon bowls’ of strawberry-spinach salads on a multi-level tiered tray
  • Mini-ice cream cones on a frozen tray with nuts, sprinkles or chocolate chips for dipping
  • Frozen chocolate & Bailey’s martinis in martini glasses
  • Tray of Mini eclairs
  • Coffee bar with multiple after-dinner liqueur options
  • Donut, pretzel or bagel wall

A fun theme and a little creativity (and fresh, great food) is all you need for your next appetizer party. Let the fun begin!


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