Angelo knows a thing or two about throwing a great cocktail party

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It takes team effort to make any company run smoothly. No one knows that better than Angelo Brown, one of Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering’s hard-working event managers.

“Angelo has been a visionary member of our catering team for more than ten years,” says Jacquie Bols, owner/CEO. “His sweet spot is pulling together precisely what’s needed to make smaller, more intimate cocktail and dinner parties – shine!

Angelo acknowledges that his passion is smaller scale events, but is quick to note it takes the full catering team to pull off any successful event, large or small.

“I kind of feel like a conductor,” Angelo says. “There’s definitely a symbiotic relationship between an event manager, the sales team and the chef’s staff. Together, we sort of ‘orchestrate’ each event, talking to the client, getting a real understanding of what’s being celebrated, assessing the bones of the venue – and then creating just the right vision for that evening.”

Creativity is a big part of what Angelo and his team does best.It’s really important to me that every event feels fresh and original, never redundant, from the food to the bar service, to the lighting, and the décor.”

Angelo definitely has an eye for design. “You need to assess the event space, the number of people attending, the purpose of event and who is hosting it – and then begin to paint the canvas.”

When our clients feel Angelo’s commitment to excellence and his desire to provide them with a truly memorable experience, they trust his judgment, his eye for detail, and his vision.

“When you have an upscale, more intimate party to plan, Angelo is your go-to guy. He won’t disappoint,” says Jacquie.

We tend to agree. Let’s talk about finding your ideal venue and just the right menu for your next cocktail or dinner party. Give us a call.



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