How Jacquie’s Gourmet can help you simplify your bear of an event

February 24, 2022Lauren Windle

Everybody loves attending really great event. But have you ever spoken with anyone that actually enjoyed planning one?

Unless you are a professional wedding planner, getting all the details checked off your list can be a real bear. Not a teddy bear, mind you, but a big growly, nasty one. That bites.

There are just too many details to consider from number of parking spaces to bar set up for ideal traffic flow, lighting for drama and presentations, amps needed for the band, number of tables, ideal times for serving appetizers, taking care of last-minute menu changes, and the like.

At one event or another, each of these details either get overlooked or gotten completely wrong. Regularly! So how can you plan your event so you can enjoy it right along with your guests – even when a few last minute changes are required?

Hire us. We what we’re doing. And anticipate problems before they happen.

We got you covered with:  

  1. Help determining ideal venues. Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering has agreements with over 20 first class facilities across downtown Indy and into the suburbs. We know what size parties they can accommodate, and which one has the special touches to meet your needs.
  2. Choosing a unique, healthy and tasty menu. Yes, all those attributes are possible. We have a stellar reputation for superbly prepared and presented foods from butler-served hors d’oeuvres to brilliant main courses – right through to dessert. All looking as wonderful as they taste. And each harvested from local farms, organic producers, freshly prepared, and GMO-free. It’s what makes us stand apart from the crowd.
  3. Gourmet menu planning. We can recommend ideal food pairings, from crowd-pleasing appetizers, to stunning main courses. We know what to serve to keep costs down – but still impress. We absolutely know what works. We never ever run out of food. This is a cardinal rule at Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering.
  4. Great bar service. Tell us about your crowd, and we can help you anticipate the timing of your open bar, what type of liquor will be most-asked for, how many bottles of which type of wine and/or beer will work for your crowd, and what specialty cocktails to have on hand. We can also help you plan for the right number of bartenders to keep your bar running smoothly – and even work out a bar traffic flow chart.
  5. Getting the details right. We can help you with lighting ideas, theme décor, signage, timing of your event, and where to get good pricing on rentals.

We know the ins and outs of event planning. It’s our job to make you look like the most fabulous hostess and party-planner out there.

Let’s tackle and tame this bear – together.



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