How important is presentation?

November 4, 2021Lauren Windle

Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering wants presentation to set the standard for the taste, temperature and the quality of the food we serve. In essence, we want you to “taste the food with your eyes” before you actually taste it.

That’s why we make sure:

  • Appetizers are served at an ideal time and look and taste fantastic
  • Drinks are offered chilled – never watered down – with fresh garnishes
  • Main courses look and smell delicious, and are served piping hot and cooked to your liking
  • Produce is locally sourced and as fresh and crisp as possible.

We think about all this because we want to get it right. We know that what we do right for your special event will be talked about by all those in attendance – and hopefully -- result in more bookings down the road. We want you thoroughly pleased with everything from service to dessert.

So – what are you considering for your event? What appetizers go well with which main courses? What foods are trending, and what’s especially hot this season? What appetizers will guests nibble on, and which ones will guests ask for seconds and thirds?

Now you’re speaking our language! Our sous chefs are researching this stuff. And so are our bartenders, marketing planners, event coordinators, and buyers.

The more we know, the better we can serve you and your guests. And that includes special preferences like vegetarian fare, dietary restrictions, religious requirements, and any special preferences you or your guests may have. We make sure every request is taken seriously and treated with respect.

Although the specifics of any industry set the standard for visual excellence, presentation is always important -- but exceptionally important when it comes to food.That’s why Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering consistently get the highest ratings for catering companies across the state.

Let us show you our stuff – the right stuff – at your next event.





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