How to keep your event elegant (and efficient!)

March 12, 2024Lauren Windle

Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering prides itself on running an efficient operation. Everyone on our staff knows his/her job inside and out, and what works best with what – where – and when. In short, we are an efficient well-honed team.

And… we also run an elegant operation.

How things look is important to us because we also know it’s important to our clients. Draped tables are pulled together nicely. Lighting is always carefully considered. So is the placement of our food, centerpieces, dishes, barware, service lines, and, well, everything else. We show how much we care by paying attention to the details.

Jacquie understands that every item should serve a function and be beautiful -- at every party. Here are some of Jacquie’s favorite party tips:

  • Everything served looks better elevated! So true. This could be a lovely cake on a cake stand, a tray of shrimp on a pedestal, or a gorgeous floral centerpiece. Lifting something higher directs the eye and says, “classy!”
  • We love to intersperse items on serving stations at different heights. You’ll notice we take this seriously at every station and every bar -- Placing cocktail essentials like garnishes and bottles of spirits at different heights. Ditto for snack and dessert items on tables. It not only looks much more interesting that way, but helps guest readily see what’s available.
  • We respect the tradition of great bartenders everywhere-- and always use the right type of glass for each cocktail, wine or beer. We would never want to undermine someone's enjoyment of a drink by serving it in the wrong glass.
  • Plate sizes are sized appropriately for each type of food. Appetizers on small hand-held plates, dinners with sauces on lipped plates, main courses on flat plates, desserts on rounded plates or bowls. We make sure what is served works well on the right plate. 
  • Ice cubes are having their moment -- big square ones, large spheres, silicon molds – it’s fun to have a variety of ice cubes on hand. And of course, we always provide a set of tongs.
  • Garnishes are a fun way to bring color to the bar and entrees. They also enhance cocktails—and add flavor and interest to food.

In the end, our goal is to welcome each guest and make them feel special. The takeaway if a functional, beautiful, elegant – and memorable event.

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