Beautiful spring weather brings out the best in us!

March 11, 2021Lauren Windle

Is there anything better than dining alfresco at Jacquie’s Café?

Located just north of 96th on the west side of Michigan Road, Jacquie’s Café is a fantastic way to experience the high gourmet quality of Jacquie’s Gourmet dining – just about any time you want it.

You can absolutely enjoy the best breakfast or lunch has to offer, inside or outside, Monday through Saturday, 8 AM through 2 PM.

When the weather cooperates, head for the outside tables, sunglasses on to soak up the warmth of the sun, or tuck under an umbrella.

Nothing better than beginning your breakfast right -- with a cup or two of organic locally roasted fresh coffee. Then, depending on your mood, you might want to tuck into the Omelet of the Day or try the Fried Egg Sandwich. If you prefer a classic, then you cannot go wrong with Jacquie’s traditional Eggs Benedict.

Those in the know consider breakfast the ideal time to splurge on calories (right?), so take a long metaphoric walk on the beach with the Croissant French Toast by your side -- or the slightly tart Lemon Ricotta Pancakes. Both are to die for!

There is also some darn good Corned Beef Hash and nicely spicy Breakfast Burritos. Something for every taste – all of it good and hearty enough for a more muscular appetite.

If you are one to linger over a grand luncheon spread with BFFs, Jacquie’s Café devotes an entire side of the menu to lunch choices. Served from 11 AM – 2 PM, lunch is full of favorites with nice added touches.

Take the Signature Chicken Salad, for instance. The addition of dried cranberries, tarragon and pecans to tender Indiana-raised chicken makes this classic a sought-after favorite. (You can bet the organic chickens were genuinely raised free-range, and never fed anything touched by pesticides or additives of any kind.)

Winter Apple Salad is another much-requested favorite. The spirited mix includes Indiana apples, mixed greens, goat cheese, Indiana bacon, and sugared walnuts tossed together with champagne vinaigrette.

If your idea of a lunch means using two hands on either side of hearty slices of artisan bread, Jacquie’s has you covered with sourdough, wheat, rye, focaccia, or soft white. Gluten-free? Covered. Health conscious? Consider asking for the tomato wrap.

Sure, you could order the BLT with fresh mozzarella and avocados. But you also might well be tempted by the Smoked Turkey, Brie and Apple sandwich. There’s also a yummy Curried Chicken Salad sandwich and a lovely Grilled Corned Beef for heavier appetites.

No matter what you order, don’t forget to ask about the fresh homemade Soup of the Day. Add it to any salad of sandwich to up your game.

Before we close, we've got to mention Jacquie's side dishes! Better than French Fries, Jacquie’s offers Pommes Frites with Truffle Oil, served with freshly grated Romano cheese and fresh parsley. (Be still our fluttering hearts!)

So… you can see why we so dearly love Jacquie’s Café. It’s the best of Jacquie’s fabulous, famous food – but you don’t have to wait for a catered event to enjoy it.

See you outside – alfresco -- later this month!

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