Jacquie’s reinvigorates the corporate lunch

September 8, 2020Lauren Windle

We’ve all sat through long (and often cuisine-boring) corporate lunches. There are just too many sad ham and cheese sandwiches on soggy white bread. Blaaaah.

Next time a corporate lunch is in order, liven things up and keep the energy flowing with some unexpected -- and delicious -- lunch choices.

At Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering, we can absolutely cater to your meeting's theme, relating it to your business. Some of our recent creatively catered business themes have included:

  • Smashing a New Record (yup, we offered up “smashed guacamole burgers”)
  • Opening a new office in a new country (all food was authentic Thai)
  • We Smoked the Competition luncheon with naturally smoked turkey breast, sliced red apples and brie, and locally smoked ham from Smoking Goose. Jacquie's even topped things off with a toasted marshmallow dessert.
  • Celebrating a year of “home runs” with a baseball theme including grilled brats, hot pretzels, peanuts and popcorn.
  • It’s a Wrap new product announcement where we served a wide assortment of healthy ‘make your own wrap’ sandwiches.
  • Solid gold quarter celebration for which everything we made had “golden” sauces or was presented in gold foil, right down to our golden snicker doodle cookies.

We can also keep things Kosher.

Or go Indiana-farmed and raised all the way.

Or celebrate with an all Italian menu or a Hawaii 5-0 theme.

All we need from you is the date, place, time, budget and theme. We’ll be happy to work with you to come up with all kinds of fun ideas, setting up the working lunch to create the positive and celebratory vibes you want.

Ready, set… Let’s make corporate lunches great again!


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