Mustard Seed Gardens will charm your next gathering

May 27, 2020Lauren Windle

Although Mustard Seed Gardens is picturesquely located just across the city in Noblesville, it is worlds away from the usual event space, offering romance, charm and historic roots.

Our Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering team loves hosting events at Mustard Seed Gardens, due in large part to it’s whimsical heritage dating back to the 1800s, when President Andrew Jackson deeded the property to George Metsker in exchange for his military service during the War of 1812.

For decades, the property served as a farmstead and home to generations of the Metsker family. That is, until 2008, when Mark and Teresa Skipper toured the old property, fell in love with it, and bought it.

After an incredible restoration process including the grounds, central kitchen and bar, home, and barn, the Skippers opened the home as a full-service event venue.

Mustard Seed Gardens includes:

  • The Farmhouse – This romantic farmhouse is a picture-perfect gathering space for wedding parties and families. It includes a bridal suite, groom’s room, and roomy dressing room.
  • The Barn – Included all original hardwood floors, lovely shiplap walls, high vaulted ceilings and an enchanting barn filled with natural light. It’s the perfect background for any event.
  • The Gardens – Stroll through Mustard Seed’s grounds under 100-year old maple trees, chockfull of flowering shrubs, lilacs, lilies and wildflowers. There are gated arbors and an outside natural wedding setting. Guests can also enjoy a fireplace and patio cocktail lawn reception area.

For events up to 250 people. Plenty of on premises parking, too.

Historic, romantic, and lovely, offering inside and outside meeting space, Mustard Seed Gardens located at 77 Metsker Lane, Noblesville, is a perfectly charming place to hold your special event.

We look forward to serving you and your guests there.


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