Rocking your next party in style!

January 22, 2019Lauren Windle

Whatever party is in your future, make sure it’s one your guests will remember!

If you are hosting a party at home, make sure your front door is welcoming, well lit and sets the tone. Set up tea lights all along the walkway to the entrance, for instance. Or, if you have rented a facility, you’ll want to provide a grand entrance at the main doorway. It should set the theme right away.

Here’s how to make sure your party absolutely rocks from the expert party facilitators and caterers at Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering:

  • Choose an overarching theme. Significant birthday? Make the celebration more fun with
  • Top Hats and Tails
  • Golden Age of Hollywood
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Prom Night
  • Or a tribute to the 60s, 70s or 80s.
  • Match color to your theme. Make it all silver and white. Or black and white. Or red, white and blue. Color helps sets the mood and reinforce your party theme.
  • Now that you have colors in mind, add a touch of whimsy. For instance, a Hollywood theme might include backdrops of old movie posters, stars hanging from the ceiling, or a Hollywood walk of fame with guest names in the stars. Top Hats and Tails might include a top hat centerpiece at every table. For your decade party, maybe a disco ball. Be creative.
  • Add great table decor. Oscar statues at each table. Or snow skies. Maybe mini bundt birthday cakes. Or go natural and fragrant – woodsy and piney – with boughs of pine, and pinecones…. Check out Pinterest for great ideas you can do yourself.
  • Music sets the mood and keeps things interesting. Think of your theme and your guests ages and interests and set up a festive play list.
  • Inside, don’t stop decorating at the table. Festive chair backs are interesting and unexpected. Decorate with flowers, bows or greenery. Use candles for drama and lighting. (Candles in decorated empty wine bottles can be stunning.)
  • When it comes to food, be extravagant and absolutely do not run out! Choose beautiful fruits and veggies, lush cheeses, and lovely cuts of several different types of meat. Offer choices for choosy eaters and those with food allergies. Let guests help themselves to what they want to eat, buffet style. And be sure that serving tables are heaped with food (and décor). Add smaller cocktail tables for hors d’ouevres. Combine the centerpiece with dessert. An over-the-top cake can be the star of the room.
  • Have a themed specialty drink named after your theme. If you are having an open bar, stock it with crowd favorites. If you are sticking to beer and wine, offer several types.
  • When the evening begins winding down, set up a table nearby coats, where departing guests can pick up a small memorable gift as they go. Homemade chocolate chip cookies are always a favorite – even better when served warm.

It’s hard to go wrong when your guests can see that you planned ahead for their pleasure. Cheers!



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