Jacquie’s 5 favorite tips for a small wedding

June 7, 2023Lauren Windle

Want to have a smaller wedding but also want to be sure the food is fantastic and the day goes smoothly? We have your back at Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering.

We are happy to work with a smaller budget – in fact, we do this quite often. We’ve found that tight budgets don't necessarily mean a muted celebration. It just brings out the creativity in brides …and our helpful party planners!

There are tons of unique ways to work with a smaller budget when planning your ceremony and reception details. Lucky for you, Jacquie Bols has lots of ideas and lots of experience in this area.

Here are her top 5 tips for planning small weddings: 

  • Use the same location for your ceremony and reception. Generally you commit to having a facility for a certain amount of time. In most cases there is no additional fee for having both events at the same place, as long as they are back-to-back. This also makes the planning process easier since you'll be working though the details with the same group of folks at one location. Saves travel time, too!
  • Plan your event for off-season. May, June and July are peak wedding months. So if you want to book a popular place, research off-season pricing. Bonus, the destination won't be crowded (or won’t have another wedding to contend with right before or after yours). If you are planning an out of town wedding, guests won't be faced with super expensive hotel room prices off-season.
  • Hold your event outside. In addition to saving money, having an outdoor event makes things a lot less formal, and sets an upbeat tone.
    • You do need to make sure paths are safe for seniors and youngsters – no tripping hazards.
    • And – have a plan for iffy weather. Rain showers do spring up in warmer months. Having a tent or a barn as a back up is always a good idea.
    • Make sure food served is OK for a limited time in warm weather. That goes for the cake, too.
    • One other tip: People drink more when they are hot. So be prepared.
  • Limit your guest list. OK, this one seems obvious. But it’s really tough to whittle down a list of good friends and family members. Be sure to go over multiple drafts of your guest list before deciding on a final count. (You can also save by requesting ‘no children’).
  • Go easy on décor. If you are getting married outside, your costs will be lower – because outside is simpler. Go with a simple color theme and stick to it. Soft muted tones (including flowers, tablecloths, bridal party clothing, and just about everything else) look more expensive than bright bold colors.
    • Take a cue from nature. Consider what flowers will be in season and buy them and arrange them with friends the night before.
    • There are plenty of nicer-looking paperware options for plates these days. Bonus: They are recyclable. Ditto for plastic or compostable flatware.

 When it comes to food planning, we can help you cut corners without short-changing on taste and quality.










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