Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering team does so much more than plan, prepare & serve

December 15, 2023Lauren Windle

Sure, we are a catering company. But that general term is deceiving.

As our repeat clients know, we do soooo much more than “plan, prepare and serve.”

We truly are event planners, which means the earlier you contact us in your planning process, the more we can help you with the kind of experience and due diligence 20 years in the business has provided us. We can provide all kinds of ideas for your upcoming event you may not have thought of.

And -- we can also help steer you away from making costly mistakes.

That’s because, by providing food and resources for well over 6,000 parties in our 20 years in Indy, we know things like:

  • Which event spaces are ideal for what types of event
  • How to realistically predict how many attendees will actually show up
  • How to reduce event fees and protect against unexpected up-charges
  • What days and times are ideal for your event
  • How to set up an open bar for your specific audience
  • How lighting and food placement affects what people eat -- and when
  • Which menu items will be most popular (i.e. disappear the fastest!)
  • The best way to predict foot traffic routes at your event
  • How to set up for a live band verses a DJ for the best acoustics
  • Timing recommendations for announcements, serving of appetizers, dinners, desserts, and how to coax people to leave (when the time is right) by adjusting your music selections.

We are more than happy to help first timers and experienced corporate event planners pull together truly memorable events, from the first “save the date” to clean up at the end of a terrific party.

Let’s work together to get the ball rolling in the right direction for your 2024 event!



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