5 ways to create an awesome fall wedding

June 21, 2023Lauren Windle

June used to be the month for weddings, but these days, spring is getting some stiff competition from fall.

Fall is gaining lots of traction as the most popular season to get married – and we can most certainly see why! The weather is cooler and more predictable. Plus nature provides a breathtaking palette of color – a fantastic backdrop for wedding and reception photos – as well as inspiration for your wedding party theme.

If you’re considering getting married this fall, here are Jacquie Bols’ awesome fall tips for planning your reception.

  • Reflect autumn’s rich color schemes

Plan your day to reflect the season. It’s easy to incorporate the rich colors of the season in your florals and overall decor. We love deep jewel tones and shades of red, purple, green, and gold – especially for linens and bridesmaid dresses.

  • Use the earlier sunset to your advantage

The changing colors of the season aren’t the only glorious colors of fall. The sunset provides an abundance of rich color as well. Make sure your photographer uses the sunset as a backdrop for wedding party photos as well as stunning photos of the bride and groom. Plan out your first looks, post-ceremony portraits and group photos around when the sun is setting.

  • Fall florals

Fall flowers are completely different than spring and summer, so why not choose in-season blooms (including dried flowers, leaves and stems) and save money in the process? Some of the most popular fall flowers are sunflowers, chrysanthemums, dried grasses and wheat, dahlias, amaranth and Drum stick flowers (craspedia) for bouquets and floral centerpieces.

  • Temperatures begin to dip

Know your local weather changes. Depending on where your wedding is located, fall temperature fluctuations can be gradual or not. It’s not uncommon for days to be hot and humid and evenings to get chilly.

If you are planning an outside celebration, make sure you have a tent (with side walls) for your guests, and patio heaters on hold in case it gets cold.

  • Fall means heartier fare

As cooler temps ease in, fall meals get more flavorful and more intense. We see more emphasis on meats, cheeses and breads, and food options with gravy and sauces.

Beverages get colorful and flavorful, too. We serve more red wines and fewer whites. More bourbons and less vodka and gin, as well. You might even consider offering warm after-dinner drink. They are popular!

Jacquie’s team enjoys working with your ideas and offering some of our own recommendations as well – if you wish. We thoroughly enjoy fall weddings and receptions, whether they are held inside or out. (P.S. We have ideas on venues, too! Just ask us.)






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