When you ask for something truly special, we get it right

April 25, 2023Lauren Windle

It doesn’t take rocket science to prepare a chicken dinner for 200 people. Don’t get us wrong, it certainly takes patience and practice to get the timing, seasoning, and serving temperature just right. But assuming you are an experienced caterer, you can probably pull something like this together without a lot of trouble.

What really showcases a caterer’s expertise is pulling off huge events without a hitch – getting everything perfectly prepared, and served at the right temperature. Here at Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering, we consistently get high marks for that.

You know what else puts us above the bar? Special orders for uncommon foods. Not just sourcing them, but understanding how they should be prepared and served.

Not long ago a customer requested Kobe beef (the real thing, from Japan). They wanted it expertly seared and seasoned, and served with appropriate side dishes for 70 people. Since some of those invited to the dinner were from Japan, we knew we had our work cut out for us. After a few overseas phone calls, we located the best Kobe beef Japan offered, and arranged for it to be flown in. Then we went to work tracking down the right sides, and tried several variations in our kitchens before the big night. The result was delicious.

Another request we happily accommodated was Cured Fish from New York City. We found a perfect place in NYC that was known for its fermentation, pickling and smoking. Again, presenting the dish appropriately and with the right sides was part of the request. According to our happy host, we “nailed it!”

How about a dinner that centered around Dover Sole from the UK? Since Jacquie Bols has experience as a sous chef in London, this one was easier for us. Jacquie knew that Dover sole is famous for its delicate taste and firm texture – and expertly prepared Sole Meuniere, one of her favorite dishes, for a group of world-savvy travelers. They were impressed.

So, yes, Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering is happy to prepare specialty dishes and particular requests.

We’re well known for our “gourmet” food, of course, especially since it’s quite literally our middle name!

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