What's an interactive cocktail and how can you serve them?

September 12, 2022Lauren Windle

There’s something about a cocktail bar that gathers folk together. So it makes sense to consider the making of cocktails at your next catered event as much entertainment as thirst-quencher.

Naturally, you can theme your drinks around your event, from naming the drinks to how they are served. And of course, you can also offer non-alcoholic specialty drinks, too. Why not!?

Here are some ideas along those lines. (And yes, you can absolutely hire a fantastic bartender through Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering – or hire your own at your next event.)

We are seeing lots of memorable bar performances with interactive elements these days.

What do we mean by that? Here are some fun examples:

  • Smoked beverages – add smoked flavoring to the inside of a glass (under a cloche) that often has whiskey or bourbon inside. Also offering a showy ‘reveal’ when the drink is served.
  • Aromatic smoke bubbles from smoked drinks -- that guests gets to pop
  • Intricate drink garnishes that are also appetizers (frequently found in a Bloody Mary)
  • Tiki drinks – multiple flavors and combinations
  • Wine/beer hybrids
  • Cocktail toppers — sweet or savory bites that marry the flavors of the cocktails as they perch atop your drink. (Think apple bourbon slushie with a cider donut topper for fall.)
  • The return of the classic Champagne tower. Every glass set up to spill champagne into the glasses underneath it. A lovely interactive way to serve and cheer – the happy couple – or the person being honored.
  • Updated classic drink standards with new flourishes.

The point is surprise, delight and engagement for your guests – as well as a lovely fun drink result. Plus – your guests will be Instagramming these moments – which means a truly memorable event!

Let’s talk about what types of specialty interactive drinks could work for your next event!



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