Just because it’s catered, doesn’t mean it has to be fancy

August 9, 2022Lauren Windle

So very true! Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering means fantastic food, well-prepared, perfectly served on time -- and planned and served precisely to fit the needs of your event.

And that, my friends, can mean just about ANYTHING!

  • We have done elegant events in the governor’s mansion that included foreign dignitaries, crystal and silver.
  • We’ve also done birthday parties outside in backyards filled with kids, families and bounce houses, serving coney dogs and popsicles… and everything in between!
  • We’ve served countless race-themed parties, many at the Indy 500, with fresh Indiana-grown foods. We’ve also done race parties for specific race teams, which means we’ve made sure the entrees were authentic French, Italian, Australian, or South American dishes, as well as: 
  • An event featuring exotic animals from all over the world with a jungle theme. Lizards, tarantulas, and snakes were guests!
  • A bar mitzvah under a circus tent including popcorn-baristas, ice cream bar, hamburger bar, soda machines, and a trampoline.
  • A political event where all the entrees were named after famous presidents and heads of state.
  • A summer backyard fundraiser with service dogs in training, a dog obstacle course, and fun specialty drinks named in honor of elite dog breeds.
  • A wedding reception themed around Hawaii (where the wedding had taken place) with foods, exotic cocktails, a mock volcano, palm trees, orchids, and entertainment all following that lead.
  • A corporate party with food stations from around the world – every station reflecting an office from the field.
  • An event featuring classic cars. Our entrees were named after 15 elegant classic cars from the 1920s through 2000s, with authentic dishes from each of those decades.

Well, you get the picture. We pride ourselves in pulling together memorable events for our clients.

We find we really enjoy getting into the spirit of the party, from helping our customers find the right event location – right through décor, lighting, floral arrangements, cocktails – or the right feel for kids parties, barn events, and smaller events tailored to your request.

Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering does it all – without missing a beat. Best of all, the food is always exceptional!



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