Ooh la lah! International holiday parties are a hit!

September 16, 2021Lauren Windle

Hosting a holiday party for your company? Consider making it an international affair.

One holiday party we catered recently had 6 different stations representing the company’s satellite offices at each of 6 countries. Every station offered exotic ethnic foods from that part of the world. Huge hit – and a great way to keep the conversations flowing.

Instead of a more typical holiday party, say yes to ethnic foods. Not only are they trending, but pairing them with matching décor will provide an interesting, unusual theme that gets people talking, relating, and having fun.

In keeping with this international idea, did you know that:

  • Chopsticks have been around for 3,200 years?
  • Fortune cookies date back to Kyoto, Japan during the 19th Century.
  • Spain (not Italy or Greece) is by far the most important producer of olive oil in the world, supplying more than twice that of Italy and four times that of Greece!
  • Croissants are associated with France, but they actually originated in Austria where the crescent shape was the symbol of the Turks.
  • Pizza was invented in Naples, Italy.
  • Jalisco, Mexico, is home many of the largest tequila distilleries.

A corporate holiday party focused around an international theme is always fun, especially if you can tie it to your company in an interesting relevant way.

There’s lots to talk about, lots to taste, and lots of ways to use décor to your advantage.

Even better – we can help you brainstorm. Let’s talk about your next holiday party – and how to make it unique, delicious, fun, and memorable.





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