Jacquie Bols is the woman behind Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering

November 27, 2018Lauren Windle

Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering is enjoying its 15th year as one of Indy’s premier caterers. Although Jacquie is the woman behind the name, she and her team have worked hard to grow the organization together and keep the emphasis on top-quality, sustainably grown, organic produce.

In fact, it was that focus on farm-to-table produce and organic Indiana-raised meats that first got Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering noticed and her food talked about. Nine years ago, she was the only caterer focusing on that emerging trend. But she came by that desire to work with organic and fresh food from her time abroad.

Jacquie’s story

Born in England, Jacquie received her degree from Southampton College in hotel management. Upon graduating, she worked in several quality restaurants in Cannes, France, Sydney, Australia and Italy before getting hooked on sailing. After several seasons sailing in the Caribbean, she was a fan of fresh fish and sustainable foods. She began honing her skills working on mega yachts that set sail from Palm Beach, the Hamptons, and Bermuda.

The owners wanted healthy, fresh, beautifully prepared meals. And with her work in European restaurants, Jacquie could pare fresh meats and produce with a flair for creative pairings and lovely French and Italian sauces.

She came to Indianapolis at the behest of the Derrickson’s, for whom she catered numerous parties and quickly developed a devoted local following. From there, Jacquie leased kitchen space and began to cater parties for many of Indy’s corporate elite, continually growing her business.

Today, Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering has a restaurant, two kitchens and two warehouses, a tasting room and 15 full time staff members, and upwards of 50 part time depending on the season.

According to Jacquie, “I have lots of experience watching how successful parties operate. That experience really counts. I know what works best with what type of event.

"Presentation can make or break any event. It’s the first thing our clients and the guests see – before they even take a bite. It’s extremely important to make sure our plates and trays look as gorgeous and delicious as they taste. Everything is artfully arranged, full of color, and fresh.

"But the bottom line is always the quality of the food we serve. We use local sources for our vegetables, herbs, breads, cheeses and meats. Everything we prepare is as natural, sustainable and organic as possible. Even our coffee, breads and desserts are fresh, organic, and locally sourced as much as possible. We even buy our wines and liquors from local producers.”

- Jacquie Bols, owner

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