Is there a special event in your future?

December 20, 2017Lauren Windle

Many of you may already know there’s a special anniversary, wedding, celebration luncheon, or big corporate event earmarked for the coming year sometime... and 2018 is right around the corner!

So how far in advance should you book the date? With which caterer? At what event center or facility?

Each of those decisions will play a very important role in how your event is received by your guests.

  • Will the food be served on time and impress guests?
  • Will it be lovely and delicious, and what you ordered?
  • Will the facility be radiant and perfect for your party?
  • Will the party be a headache for you to plan?

Or… will your event be one that folks talk about for years to come?!

Naturally, at Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering, we think you should talk to us about what you are considering, and the earlier the better. We have great suggestions about food and décor you may not have even thought about.

We also have terrific connections for event spaces, from lavish and high-end to relaxed and country chic.

Of course, as you probably already know, everything Jacquie's prepares is pretty amazing.  Our produce and meats are locally grown, and always, high quality, impeccably braised, roasted, baked, prepared, spiced, and served.

We have a reputation for that. We consistently get the highest ratings for catering companies across the state.

We also respect your preferences. Prefer vegetarian fare? We can accommodate that deliciously. Ditto for vegans, religious requirements, dietary restrictions, or any other preference you or your guests may have.

Here’s what Jacquie says about planning your next event:

“What seems to matter most in planning, is knowing your group. If your guests expect a top-notch venue, make sure you exceed their expectations. If you are dealing with a creative, artsy crowd, surprise them with the unexpected.

 That goes two-fold for what you serve them to eat and drink. One thing I never think you should skimp on is the food. Guests will forgive an event that could have had another restroom or two, but they will always remember how good the food was. Or wasn’t. I hear from people years and years after an event who remember how delicious specific entrees or desserts were. Food and presentation matter a lot.”  

When planning, consider who your guests are, why they are there, and what their expectations are. Then build your event around a theme, adding a few unexpected touches to keep everything interesting and talked about.”

Give us a call and let’s get the conversation started!



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