Finley Creek and Jacquie's Gourmet Catering

December 7, 2017Lauren Windle

 Now that Finley Creek Vineyard (in Zionsville) is open for business and accepting bookings for Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering parties, Jacquie is getting quite a few questions about when she plans to plant our grape vineyards, and when we will be producing our own wines.

The plan is to begin planting grapes early in Spring 2018. We are still doing research on what types of grapes do best in Indiana, and how long each varietal needs before it is mature enough to pick the first grapes for processing. We are even considering devoting our vineyards to premium grapes that support making port wines.

We are still in the planning stages, but we can tell you that we plan to plant both white and red varietals. We will also import some types of grapes from other regions of the U.S. to mix with our varietals to provide a nice robust flavor to our forthcoming wines.

In general, however, it will take about three years minimum for any type of grape to be ready to produce enough to manufacture wine and/or ports. Until then, we will be researching Indiana-friendly grapes, climate, weather, topography, and soil composition in order to produce the best possible vines and for our future Finley vintages.

In the meantime, we are focusing on our lovely new venue and booking great indoor and outdoor events for 2018. Those visiting Finley Creek Vineyard are finding our building a lovely mix of rustic and contemporary – with plenty of space to host elegant wedding receptions as well as more business-y corporate events.

And – since Zionsville is a destination spot, and Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering is known for getting all the details (especially the yummy ones), done right, Finley Creek Vineyard has already begun to make it’s mark.

Stay tuned for more wine news in 2018!

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