Great Ideas To Keep Your Wedding Guests Warm This Season!

December 4, 2014Kerri Pinger-Rose

Global climate change, early cold front, polar vortex.  Call it what you may, it's colder so much earlier this year in Indianapolis; and it's poised to be a carbon copy of last year's winter season!   Choosing to host a winter wedding here in the Circle City is a great choice for so many reasons:  a.)  It's a great opportunity for non-traditional, trend-setting brides to do something different in their wedding day design plans.  b.)  Snow comes in one standard color:  wedding white!  c.)  Off-season weddings can save Indianapolis brides up to 30% on venue and vendor pricing.  (Now THAT'S a great bennie!)

If you're planning a winter wedding, it's important to think of your guests health and well-being for your big day.  Make sure you let them know the expected climate; make sure you arrange room blocks as close to the wedding venue as possible; and finally, keep those lovely guests who traveled near and far all cozy and warm!  We've been busy wedding profs searching out some of the "coolest" ways to warm your guests paws - and hearts!  Check these awesome ideas out when planning your winter wedding in Indianapolis -

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Winter Wedding Favors

Your guests from the Southern or Western portions of the U.S. may not have any idea what some of these wedding favors are....but they will after a few days in Indy in the winter and they will definitely come in handy.  These little gifts let your guests know you care and are thinking of them!

Give the gift of mittens!  We love these mitten favors with hand-crafted tags with the bride's and groom's name/wedding date by   If you just got engaged and are planning a winter 2015 wedding in Indy;  the best time to get mittens at a great price is right around the corner, after the holidays.

"Flame of Love" fire starter candles are a crafty and unique way to let them build a romantic fire after your event!  Love this idea by!

Handwarmers?  Yes, please!  We can't think of a more adorable idea than this to warm up your wedding guests post-event.  Love it?  You can find these on!

Little chilly in your venue?  Consider these highly-revered blankets found on; complete with your wedding date or monogram!  (Talk about a gift that will be treasured for years to come.)

Finally, if you are looking for an affordable favor for your winter wedding in Indy; try custom blending your own tea, hot cocoa "tubes", or unique coffees in customizable pouches for your guests.
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Love & Warmth on the Day-of

If you're ceremony and reception are in two different venues and your guest have traveled from one place to another, odds are they've done a little "hoofing" outside in the cold.  (And might be in need of a quick refreshment that will bring their body temps back up!)  For moments like these, don't overlook a great beverage station of hot chocolate, coffee & tea bars.   Or instead of heavy appetizers during cocktail hour - try something light like this hot choc shot and donut hole 0n-a-stick idea by!

Whatever your upcoming winter plans are, we at Jacquie's Gourmet Catering hope that all of our Indy brides, grooms, family and friends will stay safe and warm this holiday season!   And for all of you lucky Indianapolis Brides who just got engaged over the winter break - don't hesitate to call us at 317.283.2776 to schedule an appointment to see one of our many venue partners!

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