Swoon-worthy summer offerings

August 15, 2023Lauren Windle

Summertime is when more of us take notice of garden-fresh tomatoes, red leaf lettuce, cucumbers, dill, corn, basil, chives, eggplants, squash and more. And because we’re eating a little lighter as temperatures soar, we make more local and fresh, straight-from-Indiana-garden kind of choices.

Not to brag (well, maybe a little), here at Jacquie’s Catering, we do that kind of thinking year-round. We always make use of the freshest seasonal ingredients. We also keep our choices organic and locally sourced as much as possible – which is quite easy in the summer. You’ll see a lot of that in our crunchy take on summer salads.

Good for us – because we’re all about being ‘locavores.’ That’s always been important to owner Jacquie Bols. What’s more, because we pay attention to things like fresh farm-to-table eggs, cream and butter; in-season fruit and berries as well as Indiana honey, our summer desserts are absolutely amazing!

Here are a few of our swoon-worthy favorites – which we love to offer in smaller, summery servings:

  • Peach or Raspberry Cobbler (with Trader’s Point Creamery Ice Cream
  • Limoncello Tiramisu with fresh strawberries
  • Three-layer fresh cream Tiramisu (in a martini glass)
  • Two-layer Lemon Meringue Pie (in a glass)
  • Six-Layer Farm-fresh Carrot Cake with our amazing icing
  • Double Chocolate Mouse (good any time of year!) with fresh raspberries
  • Creme Fraiche Summer Pudding (such fun to eat with a spoon)

Sometimes it’s hard to decide which of our summer desserts you and your guests will want the most. That’s why we recommend Jacquie’s Gourmet Dessert Bar. You can order all your favorites in guilt-free mini-sizes.

We almost forgot to mention how much we enjoy using fresh summer fruits and juices in our cocktails and mocktails. Those are always crowd-pleasers, too!

There’s still a couple of months of summer weather in Indy, so let’s enjoy the fresh bounty!

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