Top 2023 wedding trends

January 20, 2023Lauren Windle

What’s new and trending this year when it comes to weddings?

As a consistent recipient of The Knot’s “Best of Weddings” award (every year since 2006), as well as a frequent winner of Wedding Wire’s “Couples’ Choice” Awards, Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering makes it our business to be on top of upcoming wedding trends and reception ideas.

Here’s what we see as ‘on trend’ for this year:

Statement Floral and Architectural Installations are just what they sound like – intricate hanging floral arrangements made to order – to complement your wedding colors, theme or setting.

Sometimes they are greenery-only (including ferns, ivy, seasonal palm fronds or pine boughs, even seed pods), which can be lovely and very fresh. We’ve also noted floral installations absolutely packed with colorful blooms (and scents) to make an undeniable statement at your ceremony or reception.

We can’t help but find it stunning when florals or greens set the vibe of a wedding by enhancing the architectural detail of your setting, such as draped over chandeliers, hanging from high ceilings, or framing chapel archways, support beams, even circular stairs and handrails.

Small plates and less formal receptions continue to be popular. Offering lots of choices, from casual appetizers to upscale seafood options in martini glasses is fun and gets people mixing rather than sitting down to a formal dinner.

Sustainable weddings continue to be popular. This trend is close to our heart, as Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering has always been about preparing sustainably-resourced, Indiana-grown, organic, pesticide- and hormone-free meats and veggies.

We’re happy to help you find a venue that values this approach as well, right down to recycling what your guests use, and composting what they don’t. We can offer organic alcohol (and non-alcoholic) drink choices, too.

Kick off your intention as a couple with compostable wedding invitations that include flower seeds for planting. Love it!

Unmatched bridal parties are also on trend. Who says everyone has to wear the same thing, anyway? Be bold. Get creative. Let the colors fly!

Some couples suggest friends and family have fun with color and style! Others offer guidance, such as prints or solids, tropical themes, summer fun, or vibrant NY or LA shades, and the like -- so an overall vibe will be felt. It’s fun to mix up prints and solids, too.

Mini-dresses A big 2023 wedding dress trend we’ve noticed is the mini dress. This can be the wedding dress itself, or a post-ceremony change to get that party mood going!

Life is short! Weddings should be fun and reflect your attitude rather than someone else's idea of what's appropriate. Show folks who you are and what you believe in as you plan your wedding and reception. Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering team is more than happy to help!

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