Here’s to having a little creative fun at your wedding!

January 11, 2023Lauren Windle

Working at Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering, you get to see a lot of what works and what doesn’t at weddings and wedding receptions.

As you might expect, we see a lot of traditional weddings. We also see a lot of unexpectedly creative and innovative ideas, too.

Here are some of our favorite twists on the traditional:

  • Grooms- and Brides-people (or friends) instead of groomsmen and bride's maids
  • Dogs with baskets as ring-bearers
  • Both bride and groom wearing a tux
  • Having both parents or good family friends giving away both the bride and groom
  • Having the bride’s parents stand behind the groom in support, and vice versa, welcoming them into their family (quite literally) with open arms
  • Have the wedding family and friends surround the bride and groom in a circle, all holding hands as wedding vows are exchanged. The family and friends may also be a part of those vows, promising to support the couple in the middle of the ‘circle of love.’
  • Exchange something in addition to -- or instead of -- rings
  • Ask each bridesmaid to bring a single meaningful flower to give to the bride to create her one-of-a-kind bouquet. For instance, sunflower to represent happiness, a yellow rose to designate friendship, violets to show commitment, etc.
  • Get a friend or family member to officiate
  • Ask groomsmen to wear the wildest socks
  • Have bridal party to wear whatever colors and styles that make them happy – no rules!
  • Get permission to hold your wedding at an amusement park, a golf green, at intermission at a summer drive-in movie, at a concert venue, etc. (Be sure to get permission from these establishments first.)
  • Have a casual “flip flop & tennis shoe” summer wedding outdoors
  • Have a wine or champagne tasting at the reception

Your guests will love being surprised at adding a little unexpected merriment and charm. And of course, your wedding will always be remembered for the smiles, laughs and joy it brought to all.

As always, we’re happy to be in on the fun and help with the details!





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