8 ways to rock your New Year’s party!

December 13, 2022Lauren Windle

Here’s how to assure your NYE party makes a lasting impression from the expert party planners and caterers at Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering:

  1. Wow your guests right up front! Set sparkling tea lights along the walkway. The main entrance should be a big wow with lights, a decorated arch of balloons, flowers, or themed décor.
  2. Choose a theme. Hollywood is a great NYE theme. Include old movie posters, stars hanging from the ceiling, a Hollywood walk of fame. Top Hats and Tails might include a top hat centerpiece at every table. Disco is always popular – make sure you add a disco ball and strobe lights.
  3. Music sets the tempo. Bluesy, laid back, or poppin’, make sure it can be heard from the entrance to the bar, tables, and everywhere in between.
  4. Choose your colors. Maybe it’s all silver and white. Or black and white. Pull the theme throughout your venue.
  5. Great table decor. Oscar statues at each table. Perhaps snow skies, or count down clocks, top hats filled with sparklers, blinking disco glassed… Check out Pinterest for great ideas you pull together yourself – or ask us for help.
  6. Lighting -- Use candles and spotlights for added drama.
  7. When it comes to food, be extravagant and absolutely do not run out! Be sure that serving tables are heaped with food. Add smaller cocktail tables for hors d’ouevres.
  8. Offer a specialty drink themed to your party. It’s a great way to cut down on your bar tab. If you are sticking to beer and wine, offer several types. Ask us for brand ideas and how much to have on hand.

When the evening begins winding down, set up a table where departing guests can also pick up a small memorable gift as they go.

On social media? Post plenty of pics and watch the fun comments roll in. Trust that your party will be talked about and remembered for a long time. Cheers!

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