Leaning into macro trends

September 6, 2022Lauren Windle

The last couple of years has opened the door to an unprecedented surge of changes. We’ve all had to adapt along the way as we note the seismic changes all around us. Somewhat surprisingly, not all these changes have been negative.

One thing we’ve noticed at Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering, is how much people relish getting together. Celebrations are definitely not being taken for granted, but instead, truly honored. Weddings, coming of age parties, family reunions, vow renewals, and baby showers are all relished. Lots of energy put into them – plus an emphasis on elevating the experiences in ways those invited can truly appreciate.

Eat the season is a trend we really like. It’s a newfound appreciation of wellness – especially when its centered around food and beverages. Perhaps we have been ahead of the curve for a decade on this one, but we can’t help but love on any macro trend that centers around what we’ve believed since our founding. That is, use fresh, seasonal food as much as possible. Make sure it’s free from chemicals and preservatives, and tap local farms for dairy, meats and produce – only buying those that have been sustainably harvested.

Elevated comfort fare is having a moment. We all love a dish that reminds us of happy times  even while we are experiencing one of those happy times at an event – with friends and family. We are looking for ways to offer us a nostalgic taste of home, but better. We love a savory pot roast, beef tenderloin, or even fried chicken and biscuits, cooked to perfection. The scent alone will make party-goers swoon.

We are also noting how much creative food displays are in vogue. The approach to setting up appetizers, desserts, or anything self-serve – is especially important this year. We want food to look pretty (and appealing to the safety-conscious among us), but also feeling new, fresh and adventurous. For instance, hand-held cheese and meat mini-boards – displayed in stair-step. Or individual crudite cups or charcuterie cones, arranged among flowers. The more colorful and clever, the better!

More flexitarian and vegetarian focused options. Party hosts are realizing that complex and delectable dishes can be made without a meat main course. Instead of special options for vegans, vegetarians, (or those who don’t drink alcohol) flexitarian options are being thoughtfully (and deliciously) integrated into menus -- for everyone!

What appeals to you these days? Let’s talk!

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