Jacquie’s box meals are a great way to safely provide a thank you to staff

January 24, 2022Lauren Windle

Want to thank your staff for going above and beyond, but want to do so with an emphasis on safety?

Instead of having a corporate thank you in-person event with mask-up issues, consider ordering a variety of upscale sandwiches, salads, croissants, soups and desserts – all fresh-made and boxed to your specifications.

Several of our clients have done this recently, including these great examples of valuing employee help:

  • Multiple hospitals that have ordered box lunches for their hard-working staff as a thank you everyone can appreciate.
  • Several large facilities with multiple shifts — many working overtime – have done breakfast and lunches to reflect differing shifts.
  • Boxed brownies or cookies provided for busy employees to take home with them on Wednesday evening after work. The accompanying note read “A hump-day thank you for your hard work!”
  • A large mail-house provided ‘Friday afternoon take-home lunch’ for all employees after several weeks of overtime. A note was attached saying, “Feel free to depart with your lunch any time after noon today. It’s our way to thank you for your extra efforts these past few busy weeks! Enjoy!

What a delicious and responsible way to say Thank you!

Jacquie’s boxed meals do not taste like any box lunch you’ve ever had! You have our word on that. Breads and cookies are fresh and locally made. Our soups, salads and sandwiches are all organic and non-GMO – as well as delicious.

Just give us 24 hours for your order. (We can even deliver it. Ask for details.)

Here are some popular options:

  • Turkey, Cheddar, Mayonnaise, Leaf Lettuce, Sprouts and Tomato
  • Roast Beef, Horseradish Cream, Provolone, Leaf Lettuce, Sprouts and Tomato
  • Chicken Salad with Leaf Lettuce, Sprouts and Tomato
  • Roasted Vegetable and Herbed Chevre with Pesto
  • Ham, Italian Salami, Provolone, Leaf Lettuce, Sprouts and Tomato
  • Tomato, Mozzarella, Basil Pesto and Leaf Lettuce
  • Tofu, Tomato, Leaf Lettuce, Sprouts and Red Pepper Hummus

Chose from: Focaccia Bread, Whole Wheat, Sour Dough, French Peasant or a Brioche Roll. Or have it as a healthy wrap. Delicious either way. And of course, our freshly made sides make the meal even better:

  • Italian Farfalle Pesto Salad
  • Fresh Seasonal Fruit Salad
  • German Potato Salad
  • Anti-pasta Salad
  • Organic Mixed Field Greens with Champagne Vinaigrette

Every meal comes in a 100% recycled materials box with a beverage, and individually wrapped plastic flatware (which we encourage you to recycle) and napkins.

Stay safe out there – and eat (and thank) healthfully!




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