Take your next special occasion outside and in-style

October 6, 2021Lauren Windle

Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering really enjoys the popularity of outdoor fall parties, corporate events and receptions this time of year. The weather cooperates nicely and there’s nothing better than fall food surrounded by rich colorful fall décor!

It can be a lot of fun to plan a big rustic, fall, casual party – even better it’s in a barn or gathered around a huge bonfire.

We are seeing just as many casual country outside parties as we are seeing lavish and extravagant themed events – many held in more than one tent or party barn -- especially fundraisers!

Here are some of Jacquie’s favorite tips to make your outdoor event go smoother than pumpkin custard!

  • You are reserving event space months before your actual event, so who knows what the actual temps and weather will be? Be prepared for colder – or warmer – than you thought. Drier or wetter, too.
  • Set aside throws or wraps for guests in case the evening gets chilly. Consider renting restaurant-style heating lanterns.
  • If it gets wet, things get muddy. (Hello, contingency plans!) Be sure you have a way for guests to stay dry and cozy.
  • Have specific areas in mind designed for announcements, for outside bars, for music and entertaining, and of course, take into consideration social distancing.
  • You know where everything is, so make sure guests do, too. Use signage for parking, the way to the food, directions to the barn, the bar; and of course, the restrooms.
  • Heading back outside after dark? Consider electric string lights overhead or battery-powered lanterns along pathways. Not only does it keep things safe, it also adds to the mood.
  • Is your music going to be under cover? Make sure to find out about the acoustics in the barn well ahead of your event day.
  • Using a fire pit? Have firewood and a lighter or two on hand; and make sure nearby seating is safe and as comfy as possible.
  • Fall parties can mean very inexpensive décor. Think cornstalks, pumpkins, small and large bales of hay, fall wreaths, and lovely natural dried floral arrangements.

And of course, there’s the food. Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering uses Indiana raised and sustainable foods from local farms as much as possible. We want your event to be delicious, creative, and memorable experiences for each of your guests. So head outside this fall and take advantage of Indiana’s most beautiful and delicious season!





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