Fashion industry’s “biggest night” will serve 100% plant-based menu next month

August 19, 2021Lauren Windle

Going meat-free continues to be not only healthy, but on-trend. In fact, the prestigious Met Gala, known as the “fashion industry’s biggest night out”, will be serving its guests an entirely plant-based menu next month to highlight the changing food preferences towards sustainability and the environment.

The annual fundraising fashion event takes place in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art mid-September, and is attended by some of the biggest names in the fashion world. This year's theme is American fashion, which inspired the decision to make the menu entirely plant-based, since the fashion industry is shunning animal hides and furs in favor of faux fabrics.

“We thought it was important to really talk about what’s happening— and how food is changing in America,” celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson told Bon Appétit. “We want to be the future of American food, of plant-based food. That conversation is happening now.”

Samuelsson’s comments show how American tastes are changing, as the demand for plant-based food soars across the U.S. and Europe. (Even in the heart of the Mid-west, you have no doubt noticed popular all-American brands like Burger King, McDonald’s and KFC gradually adding plant-based sandwiches to their menus. Even Long John Silver’s joined in, becoming the first U.S. seafood chain to add vegan fish to its menus last month.)

And that plant-based trend is having a huge impact on catering and fine-dining, too. One of New York’s most prestigious restaurants, the (3-Michelin-Stars) Eleven Madison Park, went entirely plant-based when they reopened earlier this year.

Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering is rather ahead of this curve, having offered a huge variety of sustainably sourced, non GMA, locally grown fruits and veggies for going on 15 years now.

And yes, we also have meat-free options – from Plant-based Nicoise Inspired Salad – to entrees so tasty you will be surprised to know they are meat-free.

Just let us know your preferences for your next event – even if it’s not quite as lah-de-dah as the Met Gala!



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