Jacquie’s favorite party tips

May 24, 2021Lauren Windle

As Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering staff has discovered over the years, the more you plan ahead, the better outcome of any type of event. Here are some of Jacquie’s tips and tricks to make your next party at hit with your guests:

  • Build the celebration around a theme. For instance, an ‘Elopement Celebration’ is great, but a ‘Hawaiian Elopement Party’ sets the tone and lets folks know his party is going to be casual as well as fun.
  • Provide at least 2 invites to every party. Save the date e-vites are great. Then mail out or e-vite actual invitations. (Pro tip: Check in with a “Can’t wait to be with you this weekend” quick reminder to keep your event top of mind.)
  • Outside parties are great, but make sure you have a plan for rain or sudden cooler temperatures. A tent is a good option. So is having the event with access to indoor and outdoor spaces. (Pro tip: Have a basket of warm wrap throws nearby for chilly guests.)
  • Your food should blend with your theme. Keep it as simple (and fresh) as possible. Variety is great. So is paying attention to all palates with plenty of options for vegetarians and those with sensitivities. This is where Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering has a leg up. Fresh food, locally sourced, and thoughtfully prepared.

  • Never, ever, ever run out of food. Have more than you think you need. And be sure to keep everything on the table fresh. Nothing should get stale, mushy, appear ‘picked over’, or served at the wrong temperature. (Pro Tip: Replenish and frequently rotate in fresh foods on all serving plates.)
  • Pair cocktails with the season and your theme. Get creative at the bar, adding herb or edible flower garnishes. Consider a coffee bar at the end of the evening (with Bailey’s, chocolate liquor, whipped cream and mint liquors). Or a lemonade bar with mixers like vodka, gin or tequila plus muddled mint, rosemary or basil. Fun and yummy for guests!
  • Lighting makes an evening party magical. From string lights overhead to candles on the table – even a fire pit in the center of the lawn for late night chats. 
  • Everyone loves a party where the hosts have a blast right along with the guests! Plan enough in advance so your evening can be worry- and panic-free. The more you can do ahead of time, the better. 

Better yet, partner with us for help choosing an ideal location for your group, working with your theme to create a perfect menu, and providing clean up afterwards. Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering consistently gets ‘5-star’ ratings for excellent food, service, and being easy to work with.

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