Feel free to stay in for Valentine’s Day

February 6, 2021Lauren Windle

If you feel as many do, planning a Valentine’s Day outing this year is a downer. Not only do we need to concern ourselves with facemasks and social distancing, but there’s the usual grind of price-fixed meals and getting a reservation at the right place at the right time.

Generally, we leave a little disappointed with the service or the food, or both.

May we recommend a different approach this year?

A safe, candle-lit gourmet dinner at home, on the night of your choice? With no waiting, no up-charging, no limited menu, and no worries about safety. You'll find carry out from Jacquie's Gourmet Cafe is a great option.

Not only will your meal be amazing, but you will also be supporting Indiana farmers. Everything from the veggies to the entree is guaranteed fresh, locally-grown or sourced, with no chemical additives. So while candles and dinner attire are completely up to you, why not make the Jacquie’s Gourmet To-Go menu your Valentine Dinner for two?

Order the hors d’oeuvres you both like, then add some savory winter beef soup. And some lovely French bread. (It’s delicious.) Or order the chacuterie box for two. Very romantic. Just add wine.

She can have her favorite entrée and you can have yours. There are eleven individual entrees to chose from, so you can’t really miss. Plus you each have a choice of two favorite sides. (Yes, you can make one of them an exceptional salad).

What about dessert? Well how does bourbon pecan flan deep dish pie sound? Or our multi-layer home made chocolate cake? Heck, since you are ordering in, you can take your time with the dessert, enjoying it hours later if you want. No one will rush you from your table.

How do you get all this done? First, check out our website (https://order.ehungry.com/jacquies/order/home-style-cooked-meals) and decide what you want, and when.

Orders placed before noon will be ready for pick up by 4:30 pm. Or if you really prefer delivery, we can do that too, anytime from 7 am in the morning through 6PM.

We got you and your Valentine covered this year – in every way that counts.



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