Here’s how to get a festive holiday feast ready for pick up!

December 14, 2020Lauren Windle

If you want a hassle free Christmas morning brunch, Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering has you covered with ….

(Cue festive holiday music)

(Smooth voice over:) …Vegetable strada, or French style quiche with smoked salmon and shallots, or croissant French toast casserole, or house made cinnamon buns. (Wow, so tough to choose!)

Or perhaps you need to provide a thank you holiday luncheon for your staff, book club, teachers, or co-workers. Oh, this is sooooo easy!

(Back to voice over:)    May we suggest…

Spinach Salad with oranges, brie and candied pecans…

or Shaved brussel sprouts and Kale salad… or Poached salmon with Saffron aioli… or Fresh lasagna with Creamy béchamel.

Just tell us how many servings you need and a time for pick up. (Heck, have it delivered. Ask us how!)

Jacquie’s team also cooks up a beautiful and delicious holiday dinner for two or twenty-two, depending on your needs. That can be any of the selections already mentioned, or…

(Soothing voice over continues:) Consider... slow roasted boneless beef short ribs, or Roast beef tenderloin with peppercorn sauce.

... Really, the options are phenomenal. And you can customize your meals by adding side dishes and a dessert.

Here’s how to begin your culinary journey:

  • Step one: Leisurely peruse Jacquie’s Holiday Menu on our website
  • Step two: Call in or order online
  • Step three:   Orders placed before noon will be available for same day pick up by 4:30.
  • Step four: (Optional) You can also place your holiday order well in advance.

It’s been a tough year. Time to celebrate the end of 2020 – with gusto, delightful flavor, and good taste. We would be happy to help!

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