We keep your guests’ taste buds “firing on all cylinders”

November 23, 2020Lauren Windle

That’s an actual quote from one of our frequent catering clients. We like the sound of that, as that’s just what we like to do -- keeping our menus healthy and exciting, sustainable yet surprising -- and adding new wholesome entrees and side dishes every season.

We keep things interesting for our clients and their guests. That bodes well for us, too. We are on the lookout for new recipes and ingredients. When we have a new idea for a food, we taste-test it in our kitchens before we ever introduce it.

What we serve has to have broad appeal, composed of organic ingredients, and very flavorful. Those three “musts” keep our chefs happy and Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering clients coming back.

Here are more of Jacquie’s rules of thumb or event planning, meal presentation, and helping make an event a successful one:

Planning is #1

“My clients want a generous assortment of foods that lend themselves to the specifics of the occasion. We pay attention to the kind of celebration and what the attendees will find palatable. Sometimes that means yummy finger foods. Other times that means a formal dinner that supersedes all expectations. Our job is to do everything possible to wow our client – and guests –from the start of the evening to its conclusion.”

The right venue is a close second

“Choosing the right venue is right up there. We listen carefully to what our client wants, and then recommend the event spaces around Indy that we know from experience that will help set the mood, and assure that your event sparks to life.”

Figuring out the menu

“We also have decades of experience learning how successful parties operate, and what tends to work with which types of event. That said, I’m always willing to try something new for a client. But just as willing to use a go-to favorite centerpiece food and build a new experience around it.”

Paying attention to sustainability

“We pay a lot of attention to food quality. With very few exceptions, everything we prepare is fresh, organic, Indiana-harvested, natural, and sustainable -- right down to the coffee, breads, pastries, and desserts.”


“Before anything is tasted, it is noticed. Everything is artfully arranged, colorful, and looks fantastic. We work hard to make sure our plates and trays look as wonderful as they taste.” 

We never run out of food. Ever.

“We also make sure we have the staff we need to keep the food flowing. If it is supposed to be served hot, it is. If a desert is best served cold, it is. We want our service and food supply to be as impeccable as our food.”

~ Jacquie Bols, owner






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