Going green with Jacquie's team

May 11, 2020Lauren Windle

As we all find our lives a lot quieter these days, we can't help but notice how important our environment is to the quality of our everyday lives.

Our skies and roads have cleared due to reduced traffic, and wild animal and plant life has shown itself more – here – and all over the world.

As caterers, we are very much aware of issues surrounding our earth’s sustainability – in normal times – as well as changing, more challenging times, like now.

It is our intention to keep our eye on the bigger picture, engaging in sustainable environmental practices like –

  • reducing our operational packaging waste as much as possible, and
  • providing sustainable options to our clients without compromising food quality.

Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering is working to reduce plastic and Styrofoam whenever we can, trading it for paperboard, for instance. We also look for certified fiber materials (such as hemp-based products) in what we buy to prepare from, as well as serve with.

We actively search out, use (and reuse) recycled materials. When we get boxed fruits and vegetables from local suppliers, for instance, we re-use clean boxes when possible, or make sure the boxes get recycled rather than tossed.

We source produce from local farmers who compost, using organic waste to help sustain the soil to help produce another crop of organic vegetables.

We are buying more organic wines and beer, too. Many of them are also produced locally, which we love to support.

While we can’t claim to be completely green or have all the answers, we are making ongoing improvements to make sure we think out need-purchases, and make changes that benefit the environment.

We know that is just as important to you as it is for us.

~ Jacquie Bols, owner



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