That looks great! May I try some of yours?

September 5, 2018Lauren Windle

At Jacquie’s Café, we have noticed that some families are all about tasting and sharing plates of food, and others are not. When you become a part of a family, it’s best to know the rules. Here is a recent testimonial we received that illustrates this very well.

- Jacquie Bols, Owner

“My husband and I are choosy about where we go out for breakfast or lunch. We are seniors and know what we like -- good healthy food and considerate service. That's why we often choose Jacquie's Cafe on North Michigan Rd.

You can taste the difference in the food here. The sauces, biscuits and desserts are homemade. The bacon is local and flavorful. And as my husband Jim likes to say, ‘The eggs are so fresh they cluck!’

Recently we took my son and Veronika, a new addition to our family, to Jacquie’s for brunch. They had traveled all over Europe and were here for a visit. Knowing they appreciate organic food with a creative flair, Jacquie’s Gourmet was a great place to take them.

My son Jamie raved about his salmon-avocado-onion omelet, the Omelet of the Day. His partner Veronika remarked on the lovely presentation of the dish, and was rewarded with a generous taste of Jamie’s omelet. We are not usually tasters, but then, Veronika didn’t know that.

Interestingly -- and very much out of character for our family -- tastes were then shared all around the table. Nonetheless, Jim and I had to admit, the sampling of everyone’s dishes was a good way for all to taste how delicious all of the meals served at Jacquie’s are.

I thought my Avocado Eggs Benedict was by far the best. But Jim was happy with a more traditional offering, opting for the Farm House Breakfast. Isn't it nice to have so many delicious choices! Veronika, world traveler she is, chose , and wasn’t disappointed.

Even as a senior, you learn new things. Jim and I discovered it can be fun to try different brunch offerings – even from someone else’s plate. Now that we’ve tried it, we may make this a new family thing.”

~ Joan M., Robin Run Senior Community, Indianapolis





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