Who doesn’t like a dessert party?!

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And who doesn’t love a wedding reception?

There was a lovely wedding at the Green Valley Church of Christ last week and they celebrated the reception with a dessert bar. Why not?

Everybody’s up for desserts, seniors, children… pastors, neighbors and friends… even with so many of us watching what we eat!

That’s what the wedding party at The Green Valley Church of Christ wisely decided when they threw a dessert reception last week.

The result? A full house. Everyone wanted to mingle and meet and congratulate the newlyweds.

It was a sweet evening!

For those who wanted to go fresh and light, there was a locally sourced Farmers Vegetable Display with spinach and lemon dip.

Beautifully bright, ripe fruit skewers completed the fresh assortment.

Next to that stand, Jacquie provided an assortment of Domestic Cheeses with grapes and crackers.

Tempting Dessert Stations with lots of choices were next, so you could decide just how decadent you wanted to go!

Mini Cheesecake toppings including strawberry compote, blueberry compote, carmel, chocolate, and lemon.

Mini donuts were a huge hit with the younger crowd — with fun toppings to smooth, sprinkle or drop onto mini donuts and cupcakes, including: icing, sprinkles, pecans, chocolate, and cookie crumbles.

If you take your dessert cool and ripe, there was a homemade Raspberry cheesecake.

Mmmmmmm…. A perfectly decadent way to celebrate a lovely new union.


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