A Bat Mitzvah celebration to remember

May 11, 2017Lauren Windle

 There’s so much to think about when planning a Bat Mitzvah celebration! The parents and the young lady being celebrated do want everything to be as perfect as is possible – from the look and feel of the day right down to the feast prepared in the young lady’s honor.

How lovely to find the right space, then, at the Drury Plaza Hotel for the Burnett family’s special day.

And of course, just the right dinner, prepared to the family’s specifications, as well.

Young Cameron was delighted with the décor, simple and elegant tables of eight, topped off with Japanese lanterns in bright turquoise and white.

After the ceremony, the guests began the banquet with a light, fresh Ceasar’s salad with homemade dressing and French croutons. Cameron’s guests then moved on to Indiana locally sourced filet mignon au jus with cracked pepper and parsley, and glazed baby carrots paired with tender zucchini slices. As always, everything Jacquie’s serves is organic and locally sourced. And, because we pay attention to such things, served at just the right temperature. Delicious!

Cameron got to choose her favorite dessert – Some’ores. Beginning with a graham cracker crust base, we upgraded with organic whipped cream from Trader’s Point and organic imported Swiss chocolate. The marshmallows were also –made-from-scratch and served crème brulee-style – flame seared just before serving.

The evening was just as delightful as it appears, with the young ladies every bit as satisfied with the evening as their extended family and friends.

Mazel tov!

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