Fresh décor trends for your 2024 event

February 16, 2024Lauren Windle

When it comes to event planning, Jacquie’s planners know better than anyone else that expectations of what makes a great party are always evolving. And that is why noticing what’s hot in décor trends is so valued for us.

Here’s what’s on-trend this year:

  • Pantone says the “Color of the Year” for 2024 is “Apricot Crush!” That’s a bolder-rather-than-soft apricot/orange color. We love it.
  • Party-planners are still leaning in to eco-friendly and sustainable parties – and that definitely carries over into decor. From using recycled materials and locally sourced arrangements to energy-saving electronics and all-natural floral designs, our clients are asking for your strategies to reduce waste. Such as mixing real florals with artificial ones, Using only fresh-farmed local florals and plenty of greens, purchasing fewer centerpieces and renting more, donating flowers to non-profits for re-distribution after events, and so forth. Let your attendees know about your work from the podium and via programs and even notes at tables! It’s definitely appreciated.
  • We are seeing plenty of brilliant color palettes this year! No more low-key hues. Big bold colors ignite, inspire, and infuse energy into the event environment. They also get people excited about your event as they walk in. Use bold color throughout with signage, florals, lighting and table top materials.
  • The Garden look is big! That means lots of greenery – both live and re-usable (artificial). Use garden pots on tables, planted with flowers and/or greenery guests can take home. Wrapping pots in silky or semi-transparent fabrics is also fun.
  • Make a BOLD BAR statement. Showcase your mixologist with lights and make him/her an entertainment centerpiece. Many bartenders can pour from multi-levels, line up a champagne wall, mix and pour with the music, etc. Have fun!
  • Soft and subdued in out. NOPE to small tea lights and hanging yard-party type lights. Large Dramatic lighting is in. Street lights, fun chandeliers and bold colored lights are very in. Go big!
  • Have an After-Party instead of a boring “reception.” The emphasis can be on the late-night part of the evening, with bride and groom changing clothes and the event shifting gears to become a high-energy dance party. Add in spotlights, a great sound system, and even a disco ball.
  • Themed events are still lots of fun. Movie themes, Year of the Dragon parties, Black & White parties, 70s parties, Dress-as-your-partner parties -- whatever your theme, take it 360 degrees from table drapes colors to matching or coordinating lighting. The more fun, the better -- right down to the food and drinks served. (We can help you with that!)

Regardless of whether you decide to tap one of these trends or shape one of your own, we are on-board to help you make your event fresh and focused – from the décor right down to the food and drink.

Let’s get the party started!




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